Moving Data Across the DB2 Family.

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Durham : I B M, 2003.
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Part 1 Introduction
Chapter 1. Introduction
1.0.1 Platforms and configurations
1.0.2 Terminology
1.1 Contents of this redbook
Chapter 2. Overview of data movers
2.1 Preliminary considerations
2.2 DB2 UDB for z/OS
2.2.1 DB2 DSN1COPY utility
2.2.2 DB2 sample program DSNTIAUL
2.2.3 DB2 Reorg utility
2.2.4 DB2 Unload utility
2.2.5 DB2 Load utility
2.2.6 DB2 Cross Loader option
2.3 DB2 UDB for UNIX and Windows
2.3.1 DB2 Backup and Restore utilities
2.3.2 DB2 Export utility
2.3.3 DB2 db2batch
2.3.4 DB2 Import utility
2.3.5 DB2 Load utility
2.3.6 DB2 Cross Loader option
2.3.7 DB2 db2move
2.3.8 DB2 db2look
2.4 Tools for z/OS and multiplatforms
2.4.1 DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS
2.4.2 DB2 Data Export Facility tool for z/OS
2.4.3 DB2 High Performance Unload tool for z/OS
2.4.4 DB2 Data Replication tools for z/OS and Multiplatform
2.4.5 DB2 Web Query tool for z/OS and Multiplatform
2.4.6 DB2 High Performance Unload tool for Multiplatforms
2.4.7 DB2 UDB Warehouse Manager for UNIX and Windows
2.5 Data movers summary
Part 2 Product functions and utilities
Chapter 3. Unload with DB2 for z/OS
3.1 Overview of the Unload utility
3.1.1 Extra functionality of the Unload utility
3.1.2 Privilege and authority required
3.1.3 Phases of the Unload utility
3.2 Input and output data sets
3.2.1 Output data sets from Unload
3.2.2 Input of Unload from image copy
3.3 Unload syntax and examples
3.3.1 Examples of using the Unload utility
3.3.2 Terminating or restarting Unload
Chapter 4. Load with DB2 for z/OS
4.1 The Load utility for DB2 for z/OS.
4.1.1 Input data for Load
4.1.2 Sample Load JCL
4.1.3 Some tips on using the Load
4.2 Cross Loader option
4.2.1 INCURSOR Load option
4.2.2 EXEC SQL utility control statement
4.2.3 Using the Cross Loader
4.3 Conclusions and recommendations
Chapter 5. Export and Import with DB2 distributed
5.1 Export utility overview
5.2 Using Export utility
5.2.1 Invoking the Export utility
5.3 Import utility overview
5.4 Using the Import utility
5.4.1 Invoking the Import utility
Chapter 6. Load with DB2 Distributed
6.1 Load utility overview
6.1.1 Per-partition Load operation
6.1.2 Load Recovery
6.2 AutoLoader utility
6.3 New features in DB2 distributed V8
6.3.1 Increased table space access during Load
6.3.2 Load with read access
6.3.3 Load into partitioned databases
6.3.4 Cross Loader option
6.3.5 Generated column support
6.3.6 Multi-dimensional clustering support
6.4 Using the Load utility
6.4.1 Invoking the Load utility
6.5 Comparing Load and Import
6.5.1 LOAD and Import performance comparison
6.5.2 Load and Import functional comparison
6.5.3 When to use Load or Import utilities
Part 3 High Performance Unload
Chapter 7. IBM DB2 High Performance Unload for z/OS
7.1 An overview of HPU for z/OS
7.1.1 Applicability of HPU
7.1.2 Strong points of HPU
7.2 Installing HPU for z/OS
7.2.1 Installation requirements
7.2.2 Step-by-step installation procedures
7.2.3 Customization procedures for HPU
7.3 Data formats used by the HPU
7.3.1 Sources of input data that can be used by HPU
7.3.2 Output data formats
7.4 Using HPU
7.4.1 Using the HPU in batch mode
7.5 Components of the HPU statement
7.5.1 HPU blocks
7.5.2 Descriptions of the HPU blocks
7.6 Examples on using HPU in batch
7.7 Using the HPU interactively.
7.7.1 Using the DB2 Administration tool to start HPU
7.8 HPU performance measurements
7.9 Considerations
Chapter 8. IBM DB2 High Performance Unload for Multiplatforms
8.1 An overview of HPU for Multiplatforms
8.2 Installing and configuring HPU for MP
8.2.1 System requirements
8.2.2 Installation considerations and prerequisites
8.2.3 Installing HPU for MP
8.2.4 Installation directories and files
8.3 Using HPU for MP
8.3.1 Invoking HPU for MP
8.4 Comparing HPU for MP and Export
8.4.1 When to use HPU for MP tool or the Export utility
Part 4 Scenarios
Chapter 9. Getting ready for moving data
9.1 Before moving data
9.1.1 Choosing a tool or utility
9.1.2 Disk space considerations
9.1.3 Software considerations
9.1.4 File format considerations
9.1.5 Encoding scheme and code pages
9.1.6 Moving data with DB2 Connect
9.2 Extracting the data definition language
9.2.1 Using DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS to extract DDL
9.2.2 Using db2look to extract DDL
9.2.3 Considerations
Chapter 10. Moving data to DB2 for z/OS
10.1 Overview of moving data to DB2 for z/OS
10.2 Moving data from DB2 distributed
10.2.1 Using Cross Loader to move data from DB2 distributed to DB2 for z/OS
10.2.2 Data Propagator
10.2.3 Export and Import
10.2.4 SQL Insert with subselect in a Federated Database
10.3 Moving data between two DB2 for z/OS databases
10.3.1 Using Cross Loader to move data from/to DB2 for z/OS
10.3.2 Data Propagator
10.3.3 Unload and Load
10.3.4 HPU for z/OS and Load
10.3.5 SQL Insert with subselect in a Federated Database
10.4 Summary and conclusions
10.4.1 From distributed
10.4.2 From mainframe
10.4.3 Miscellaneous
Chapter 11. Moving data to DB2 Distributed
11.1 An overview
11.1.1 File format considerations.
11.1.2 Index considerations
11.1.3 Environment used for data movement examples
11.1.4 Graphical representation of the environment used in the examples
11.2 Cross loading
11.3 Export followed by Load or Import
11.4 SQL insert containing a SELECT clause
11.5 Data Propagator
11.6 HPU for z/OS followed by Load or Import
11.7 Unload utility followed by Load or Import
11.8 HPU for MP followed by Import or Load
Part 5 Appendixes
Appendix A. Defining a Federated Database
A.1 Examples of creating Federated Databases
A.1.1 Federated database setup with DB2 V7
A.1.2 Federated Database setup with DB2 V8
A.2 Server and wrapper type
Appendix B. DB2 connectivity
B.1 Communication database on DB2 for z/OS
B.1.1 Populate the communication database
B.1.2 CDB tables with contents
B.1.3 Test the connectivity
B.2 Cataloging the databases on DB2 distributed
Appendix C. Migrating to DB2 distributed V8
C.1 Migration restrictions
C.2 Pre- and post-migration tasks
Appendix D. DB2 UDB for z/OS Unload options
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