The Ismaili Imams : a biographical history / Farhad Daftary.

Daftary, Farhad, author.
London ; New York : I. B. Tauris ; Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2020.
London : The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2020.
xiii, 260 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), maps, portraits, plates, gnealogical tables ; 25 cm

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Other Title:
The Ismaili Imams
Ismailites -- Biography.
Ismailites -- History.
Fatimites -- Biography.
"The Ismailis are the second-largest Shi'i community in the world today, settled in over 25 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America. They are the only Muslims to follow a living spiritual guide of their community, the Nizari Ismaili Imam. This book is the first collection of biographies of all the Ismaili Imams, from the seminal Imams of early Shi'i Islam, through to those of the first 'period of concealment' when their public identities remained hidden, to the Imam-caliphs of the illustrious Fatimid dynasty, and those of the Alamut period, up to the Aga Khans of the modern period. The Ismaili Imams mines the rich scholarship of the developing field of Ismaili Studies, providing a simple and clear resource for the general reader, as well as a handy reference guide for scholars. This copiously illustrated book offers a snapshot of the lives, events, and legacies of all 49 Imams, and through them, of the Ismaili community's storied past." -- Publisher website.
Machine generated contents note: pt. One The Ismaili Imamate in History
pt. Two The Early Imams
1. 'Ali b.Abi Talib
2. Husayn b. 'Ali
3. Ali b. Husayn Zayn al-Abidin
4. Muhammad al-Baqir
5. Ja 'far al-Sadiq
6. Isma'il b. Ja'far al-Sadiq
7. Muhammad b. Isma'il al-Maymun
pt. Three The Concealed Imams
8. Abd Allah b. Muhammad, also known as Wan Ahmad
9. Ahmad b. Abd Allah, also known as Taqi Muhammad
10. Husayn b. Ahmad, also known as Radi al-Din Abd Allah
pt. Four The Early Fatimid Imam-Caliphs
11. Al-Mahdi
12. Al-Qa im
13. Al-Mansur
14. Al-Mu'izz
15. Al-'Aziz
16. Al-Hakim
17. Al-Zahir
18. Al-Mustansir
19. Nizar
pt. Five The Imams at Alamut us
20-22. Concealed Imams: al-Hadi, al-Muhtadi, al-Qahir
23. Hasan 'ala dhikrihi'l-salam
24. Nur al-Din Muhammad, also known as A la Muhammad
25. Jalal al-Din Hasan
26. Ala al-Din Muhammad
27. Rukn al-Din Khurshah
pt. Six The Early Imams after Alamut
28. Shams al-Din Muhammad
29. Qasim Shah
30. Islam Shah
31. Muhammad b. Islam Shah
pt. Seven The Imams of the Anjudan Period
32. Mustansir bi'llah
33. Abd al-Salam Shah
34. Gharib Mirza, also known as Mustansir bi'llah
35. Abu Dharr Ali
36. Murad Mirza
37. Dhu'l-Faqar 'Ali
38. Nur al-Din (al-Dahr) 'Ali
39. Khalil Allah 'Ali
pt. Eight The Imams in the Eighteenth Century
40. Shah Nizar
41. Sayyid 'Ali
42. Hasan 'Ali
43. Qasim 'Ali
44. Abu'l-Hasan 'Ali
45. Shah Khalil Allah
pt. Nine The Imams in the Modern Age
46. Hasan Ali Shah, Aga Khan I
47. Agha Ali Shah, Aga Khan II
48. Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III
49. Shah Karim al-Husayni, Aga Khan IV.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 245-248) and index.
Institute of Ismaili Studies.