Discourses we live by : narratives of educational and social endeavour / edited by Hazel R. Wright and Marianne Høyen.

Cambridge : Open Book Publishers, 2020.
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Discourse analysis, Narrative -- Case studies.
Discourse analysis, Narrative -- Research -- Methodology.
Discourse analysis, Narrative.
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"What are the influences that govern how people view their worlds? What are the embedded values and practices that underpin the ways people think and act? Discourses We Live By approaches these questions through narrative research, in a process that uses words, images, activities or artefacts to ask people - either individually or collectively within social groupings - to examine, discuss, portray or otherwise make public their place in the world, their sense of belonging to (and identity within) the physical and cultural space they inhabit. This book is a rich and multifaceted collection of twenty-eight chapters that use varied lenses to examine the discourses that shape people's lives. The contributors are themselves from many backgrounds - different academic disciplines within the humanities and social sciences, diverse professional practices and a range of countries and cultures. They represent a broad spectrum of age, status and outlook, and variously apply their research methods - but share a common interest in people, their lives, thoughts and actions. Gathering such eclectic experiences as those of student-teachers in Kenya, a released prisoner in Denmark, academics in Colombia, a group of migrants learning English, and gambling addiction support-workers in Italy, alongside more mainstream educational themes, the book presents a fascinating array of insights. Discourses We Live By will be essential reading for adult educators and practitioners, those involved with educational and professional practice, narrative researchers, and many sociologists. It will appeal to all who want to know how narratives shape the way we live and the way we talk about our lives."--Publisher's website.
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Narrative, Discourse, and Biography: An Introductory Story / Hazel R. Wright and Marianne Høyen
I. Discourses we live within: Frameworks that structure. 1. Truth and Narrative: How and Why Stories Matter / Janet Dyson ; 2. From Experience to Language in Narrative Practices in Therapeutic Education in France / Hervé Breton ; 3. Narratives of Fundamentalism, Negative Capability and the Democratic Imperative / Alan Bainbridge and Linden West ; 4. Understandings of the Natural World from a Generational Perspective / Hazel R. Wright
II. Discourses we work within: Of the workplace. 5. Opposing Cultures: Science and Humanities Teaching in Danish Schools / Marianne Høyen and Mumiah Rasmusen ; 6. Shaping 'the Good Teacher' in Danish and Kenyan Teacher Education / Kari Kragh Blume Dahl ; 7. Irish Adult Educators Find Fulfilment amid Poor Employment Conditions / Sarah Bates Evoy ; 8. Nurture Groups: Perspectives from Teaching Assistants Who Lead Them in Britain / Tristan Middleton
III. Discourses we work through: Challenges to overcome. 9. Punishment Discourses in Everyday Life / Khum Raj Pathak ; 10. Irish Students Turning First-Year Transition Obstacles into Successful Progression / Vera Sheridan ; 11. Care Leavers in Italy: From 'Vulnerable' Children to 'Autonomous' Adults? / Laura Formenti, Andrea Galimberti and Mirella Ferrari ; 12. What Game Are We Playing? Narrative Work that Supports Gamblers / Mica Micaela Castiglioni and Carola Girotti
IV. Discourses we work around: Managing constraining circumstances. 13. A Danish Prisoner Narrative: The Tension from a Multifaceted Identity During (Re-)Entry to Society / Charlotte Mathiassen ; 14. Inclusion and Exclusion in Colombian Education, Captured through Life Stories / Miguel Alberto González González ; 15. Navigating Grades and Learning in the Swedish Upper Secondary School Where Neoliberal Values Prevail / Patric Wallin ; 16. Adult Education as a Means to Enable Polish Citizens to Question Media Coverage of Political Messages / Marta Zientek
V. Discourses that explore or reveal diversity: Facing choice and change. 17. Examining a Kazakh Student's Biographical Narrative and the Discourses She Lives By / Rob Evans ; 18. The Needs of Low-Literate Migrants When Learning the English Language / Monica Mascarenhas ; 19. Uncovering Habitus in Life Stories of Muslim Converts / Simone R. Rasmussen ; 20. Participatory Approaches in Critical Migration Research: The Example of an Austrian Documentary Film / Annette Sprung
VI. Discourses to support diversity: Projects that empower. 21. Decolonizing and Indigenizing Discourses in a Canadian Context / Adrienne S. Chan ; 22. Embedding Feminist Pedagogies of Care in Research to Better Support San Youth in South Africa / Outi Ylitapio-Mäntylä and Mari Mäkiranta ; 23. From Defender to Offender: British Female Ex-Military Re-Joining Civilian Society / Linda Cooper ; 24. UK Senior Citizens Learn Filmmaking as a Creative Pathway to Reflection and Fulfilment / Teresa Brayshaw and Jenny Granville
VII. Discourses through a Self-reflexive lens: Thoughts from researchers ; 25. Diversifying Discourses of Progression to UK Higher Education Through Narrative Approaches / Laura Mazzoli Smith ; 26. Using Journaling and Autoethnography to Create Counter-Narratives of School Exclusion in Britain / Helen Woodley ; 27. Reflections on a Creative Arts Project to Explore the Resilience of Young Adults with a Muslim Background in Finland / Helena Oikarinen-Jabai ; 28. Discourses, Cultural narratives, and Genre in Biographical Narratives: A Personal Overview / Marianne Horsdal ; Learning from Narratives, Discourses and Biographical Research: An Afterword / Hazel R. Wright and Marianne Høyen
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