The Arcata Conference on Representations of Finite Groups : proceedings of the Summer Research Institute on Representations of Finite Groups, held at Humboldt State University, Arcata, California, July 7-25, 1986 / Paul Fong, editor.

Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [1987]
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Conference Name:
Arcata Conference on Representations of Finite Groups (1986 : Humboldt State University), issuing body.
Proceedings of symposia in pure mathematics ; volume 47, part 2.
Proceedings of symposia in pure mathematics, 0082-0717 ; volume 47, part 2

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Representations of groups -- Congresses.
Finite groups -- Congresses.
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""Table of Contents""; ""Part II""; ""III. Characters and Representations""; ""On products of conjugacy classes and irreducible characters in finite groups""; ""On products of irreducible characters and conjugacy classes of finite groups in complementary sets""; ""Monomial representations and generalizations""; ""Characters, nonnegative matrices, and generalized circulants""; ""Character restriction and the existence of relative normal complements in finite groups""; ""Primes dividing character degrees and character orbit sizes""; ""Degree problems over Q""
""Characters and Hall subgroups of solvable groups""""On the Brauer-Suzuki theorem""; ""Arithmetical conditions on character degrees and group structure""; ""Noncommutators and the number of projective characters of a finite group""; ""Clifford theory of simple modules""; ""Fully ramified characters""; ""Character degrees of finite p-groups""; ""The Schur indices of quasiprimitive characters""; ""IV. Finite Groups of Lie Type""; ""Twisting operators on the space of class functions of finite special linear groups""
""Simulating algebraic geometry with algebra, III: The Lusztig conjecture as a TG[sub(1)]-problem""""Composition factors of induced modules for algebraic groups and their Frobenius subgroups""; ""A Hopf algebra associated to the cohomology of the symmetric groups""; ""Cohomology of irreducible modules with large weights""; ""On the generic cohomology""; ""On the symmetry of inverse Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials for affine Weyl groups""; ""Some representations of special linear groups""; ""On hyperoctahedral hyperplane complements""; ""Leading coefficients of character values of Hecke algebras""
""Simulating algebraic geometry with algebra, II: Stratifying representation categories""""Simulating algebraic geometry with algebra, I: The algebraic theory of derived categories""; ""Blocks and Brauer trees for groups of type G[sub(2)](q)""; ""Shintani descent for exceptional groups over a finite field""; ""Geometrical Gel'fand models, tensor quotients, and Weil representations""; ""The values of irreducible characters of the symmetric group""; ""The characters of G[sub(2)](2[sup(n)]) and its subgroups""; ""V. Related topics""
""On the representations of the Weyl groups of type D corresponding to the zero weights of the representations of SO(2n, C)""""The study of distance-regular graphs from the algebraic (i.e., character theoretical) viewpoint""; ""Raising and lowering operators for sl[sub(n)], with applications to orthogonal bases of sl[sub(n)]-modules""; ""On finite simple subgroups of the complex Lie group of type E[sub(8)]""; ""Symmetric powers of cyclic sets and the definition of A. Weil's zeta-functions""; ""The geometry of homogeneous extension categories""; ""On self-normalizing cyclic subgroups""
""On the order of a projective plane and planes with a totally irregular collineation group""
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Fong, Paul, editor.