History of world trade in maps / Philip Parker.

Parker, P. (Philip) author.
Glasgow, Scotland : Collins, 2020.
224 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 28 cm

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International trade -- Maps.
Commercial statistics -- Maps.
Commercial statistics.
International trade.
Discover the history of the United Kingdom through maps Trade is the lifeblood of nations. It has provided vital goods and wealth to countries and merchants from the ancient Egyptians who went in search of gold and ivory to their 21st-century equivalents trading high-tech electronic equipment from the Far East. In this beautiful book, more than 70 maps give a visual representation of the history of World Commerce, accompanied by text which tells the extraordinary story of the merchants, adventurers, middle-men and monarchs who bought, sold, explored and fought in search of profit and power. The maps are all works of art, witnesses to history, and have a fascinating story to tell. The maps include * Çatalhöyük Plan, c. 6200BC * Babylonian Map of the World, c. 600BC * Stone Map of China, 1136 * Hereford Mappa Mundi, c. 1300 * Buondelmonti Map of Constantinople, c. 1420 * The Waldseemüller Map, 1507 * James Rennell Map of Hindoostan, 1782 * Air Age Map, 1945 * Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Dashboard, 2020.
Ancient trade. Catalhöyük and Neolithic trade
Trade in ancient Egypt
Greek and Phoenician trade
Trade in the ancient Near East
Petra and the frankinscence route
Roman trade
The periplus and Rome's eastern trade
Trade in late antiquity
The amber road
Medieval trade. Charlemagne and Carolingian trade
Trade in the Islamic world
Europe and the world in 1300
The Trans-Saharan gold trade
The Silk Road
Marco Polo and the Silk Road
The rise of the maritime republics
The Venetian trading empire
Bruges and the cloth trade
Plagues and pandemics
The voyages of Zheng He
Trade in the age of discovery. The joining of the world
The Portuguese trading empire in Africa
Circumnavigating the globe
Ottoman trade in the 16th century
Aztec trade
The silver trade
Pirates and privateers
Newfoundland and the cod trade
The Dutch and Manhattan
The Hudson's Bay Company and the fur trade
Trade and the birth of the United States
South America and the Spanish
The Portuguese and the spice trade
The Dutch East India Company
The Portuguese and the Japan trade
Portugal's China trade
Sweden, Russia and North European trade in the 16th century
Trade, revolution and empire (c. 1700-1900). The British in India
The slave trade
The sugar trade
The cotton trade
The coffee trade
The China tea trade and the clippers
The age of steam
World cities
Imperialism and trade
The Erie Canal
The Suez Canal
The Panama Canal
The US Transcontinental Railroad
The Trans-Siberian Railway
The Cape to Cairo Railway
The wool trade
Refrigeration and the meat trade
The coal trade
Trade in the Industrial Age (1900-present). The second industrial revolution
A smaller world
Tariffs and trade
The oil trade
Electronics and the internet
Banking and finance
Tourism and trade
Trade blocs
Threats to world trade.
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