Enhanced Power Grid Stability Using Doubly-Fed Induction Generators Kenneth Okedu

Okedu, Kenneth, author
Melville, New York AIP Publishing 2020
online resource (280 pages)

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Enhanced Power Grid Stability Using Doubly-Fed Induction Generators addresses the latest schemes, modeling, and control strategies for improving variable speed wind turbines. Throughout this book, simulations are carried out using modern software packages to model different types of symmetrical and asymmetrical faults for transient stability analysis and modeling techniques for wind turbine power systems. Key features: --Discusses doubly-fed induction generators, fault ride through, and other concepts for improving stability of power grids --Addresses grid performance-a necessary but often overlooked consideration in renewable power resources --Demonstrates various approaches and appropriate control strategies which can be very effective to stabilize a grid connected wind farm Engineers and professionals involved in the construction and design of power grids and wind farms will find this a valuable resource. This book is also for professors and graduate students in electrical engineering and policy makers and advocates involved in renewable energy.
Augmentation of Wind Farm Fault Ride Through by DFIG-based Variable Speed Wind Generator - New Protection Scheme of DFIGs - Stability Enhancement using a DC-Chopper, Crowbar, and FACTS Device - Current Controlled Voltage Source Converters and Grid Code Considerations - Hybrid Control Strategy for Variable Speed Wind Turbine Power Converters - Effects of Drive Train Model Parameters - Using Parallel Interleaved Converters and Dynamic Resistors during Three-Phase Faults - Alternative Voltage Source T-type Grid Side Converter - Benefits and Weak Points of Various Control Strategies - Parallel Integrated Capacitor and Modified Modulated Braking Resistor - Determination of the Most Effective Switching Signal and Position of Braking Resistor - Pitch Angle Controller Low Pass Filter Timing and Network Side Connected Damper Circuitry.
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