The life and afterlife of gay neighbors : renaissance and resurgence / Alex Bitterman, Daniel Baldwin Hess.

Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2021]
xxiii, 427 pages ; 25 cm.
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Gay community.
Sexual minority community.
Sociology, Urban.
Machine generated contents note: pt. I Introduction
1. Who Are the People in Your Gayborhood? Understanding Population Change and Cultural Shifts in LGBTQ+ Neighborhoods / Alex Bitterman
pt. II Context and Composition
2. Breaking Down Segregation: Shifting Geographies of Male Same-Sex Households Within Desegregating Cities / Amy Spring
3. A Queer Reading of the United States Census / Michael Frisch
4. Why Gayborhoods Matter: The Street Empirics of Urban Sexualities / Amin Ghaziani
pt. III Identity and Evolution
5. The Rainbow Connection: A Time-Series Study of Rainbow Flag Display Across Nine Toronto Neighborhoods / Alex Bitterman
6. Wearing Pink in Fairy Town: The Heterosexualization of the Spanish Town Neighborhood and Carnival Parade in Baton Rouge / Amy L. Stone
7. A Tale of Three Villages: Contested Discourses of Place-Making in Central Philadelphia / Greg Niedt
8. Are "Gay" and "Queer-Friendly" Neighborhoods Healthy? Assessing How Areas with High Densities of Same-Sex Couples Impact the Mental Health of Sexual Minority and Majority Young Adults / Rick Braatz
pt. IV Co-Relation and Dialectic
9. Let's (not) Go Outside: Grindr, Hybrid Space, and Digital Queer Neighborhoods / Sam Miles
10. A Gay Neighborhood or Merely a Temporary Cluster of "Strange" Bars? Gay Bar Culture in Antwerp / Alexander Dhoest
11. Recovering the Gay Village: A Comparative Historical Geography of Urban Change and Planning in Toronto and Sydney / Catherine J. Nash
12. After the Life of LGBTQ Spaces: Learning from Atlanta and Istanbul / Ozlem Atalay
pt. V Signifiying Meaning and Memory Across Generations
13. Far Beyond the Gay Village: LGBTQ Urbanism and Generation in Montreal's Mile End / Julie A. Podmore
14. Understanding Generation Gaps in LGBTQ+ Communities: Perspectives About Gay Neighborhoods Among Heteronormative and Homonormative Generational Cohorts / Daniel Baldwin Hess
15. Commemorating Historically Significant Gay Places Across the United States / Alex Bitterman
16. Plateaus and Afterglows: Theorizing the Afterlives of Gayborhoods as Post-Places / Jack Coffin
pt. VI Epilogue
17. After/Lives: Insights from the COVID-19 Pandemic for Gay Neighborhoods / Alex Bitterman.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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