Ribozymes / edited by Sabine Müller, Benoît Masquida, Wade Winkler.

Weinheim, Germany : Wiley-VCH, 2021.
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Catalytic RNA.
Genetic regulation.
Nucleic Acid Catalysis: Principles, Strategies and Biological Function. The Chemical Principles of RNA Catalysis / Timothy J Wilson, David M J Lilley
Biological Roles of Self-Cleaving Ribozymes / Christina E Weinberg
Naturally Occurring Ribozymes. Chemical Mechanisms of the Nucleolytic Ribozymes / Timothy J Wilson, David M J Lilley
The glmS Ribozyme and Its Multifunctional Coenzyme Glucosamine-6-phosphate / Juliane Soukup
The Lariat Capping Ribozyme / Henrik Nielsen, Nicolai Krogh, Benoit Masquida, Steinar Daae Johansen
Self-Splicing Group II Introns / Isabel Chilln, Marco Marcia
The Spliceosome: an RNA-Protein Ribozyme Derived From Ancient Mobile Genetic Elements / Erin L Garside, Oliver A Kent, Andrew M MacMillan
The Ribosome and Protein Synthesis / Paul Huter, Michael Graf, Daniel N Wilson
The RNase P Ribozyme / Markus Gringer, Isabell Schencking, Roland Karl Hartmann
Ribozyme Discovery in Bacteria / Adam Roth, Ronald Breaker
Small Self-Cleaving Ribozymes in the Genomes of Vertebrates / Marcos Pena
Engineered Ribozymes. Phosphoryl Transfer Ribozymes / Razvan Cojocaru, Peter J Unrau
RNA Replication and the RNA Polymerase Ribozyme / Falk Wachowius, Philipp Holliger
Maintenance of Genetic Information in the First Ribocell / m Kun
Ribozyme-Catalyzed RNA Recombination / Benedict A Smail, Niles Lehman
Engineering of Hairpin Ribozymes for RNA Processing Reactions / Robert Hieronymus, Jikang Zhu, Bettina Appel, Sabine Moller
Engineering of the Neurospora Varkud Satellite Ribozyme for Cleavage of Nonnatural Stem-Loop Substrates / Pierre Dagenais, Julie Lacroix-Labont©♭, Nicolas Girard, Pascale Legault
Chemical Modifications in Natural and Engineered Ribozymes / Stephanie Kath-Schorr
Ribozymes for Regulation of Gene Expression / Julia Stifel, Jorg S Hartig
Development of Flexizyme Aminoacylation Ribozymes and Their Applications / Takayuki Katoh, Yuki Goto, Toby Passioura, Hiroaki Suga
In Vitro Selected (Deoxy)ribozymes that Catalyze Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation / Michael Famulok
Nucleic Acid-Catalyzed RNA Ligation and Labeling / Mohammad Ghaem Maghami, Claudia H©œbartner
DNAzymes. The Chemical Repertoire of DNA Enzymes / Marcel Hollenstein
Light-Utilizing DNA zymes / Adam Barlev, Dipankar Sen
Diverse Applications of DNAzymes in Computing and Nanotechnology / Matthew R Lakin, Darko Stefanovic, Milan N Stojanovic
Ribozymes/DNAzymes in Diagnostics and Therapy. Optimization of Antiviral Ribozymes / Alfredo Berzal-Herranz, Cristina Romero-Lopez
DNA zymes as Biosensors / Lingzi Ma, Juewen Liu
Compartmentalization-Based Technologies for In Vitro Selection and Evolution of Ribozymes and Light-Up RNA Aptamers /Farah Bouhedda, Michael Ryckelynck
Tools and Methods to Study Ribozymes. Elucidation of Ribozyme Mechanisms at the Example of the Pistol Ribozyme / Christoph Falschlunger, Josef Leiter, Ronald Micura
Strategies for Crystallization of Natural Ribozymes / Benoit Masquida, Diana Sibrikova, Maria Costa
NMR Spectroscopic Investigation of Ribozymes / Bozana Knezic, Oliver Binas, Albrecht Eduard Volklein, Harald Schwalbe
Studying Ribozymes with Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy / Olav Schiemann
Computational Modeling Methods for 3D Structure Prediction of Ribozymes / Pritha Ghosh, Chandran Nithin, Astha Joshi, Filip Stefaniak, Tomasz K Wirecki, Janusz M Bujnicki.
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