Gournes, Pediada : a Minoan cemetery in Crete / by Calliope E. Galanaki with contributions by Chrysa Apostolaki [and 23 others].

Galanaki, Calliope E., 1955- author.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : INSTAP Academic Press, 2021.
xxxii, 276, 17, 90, 59 pages : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm.
Prehistory monographs ; 63

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Minoans -- Funeral customs and rites -- Greece -- Gournes (Crete).
Cemeteries -- Greece -- Gournes (Crete).
Burial -- Greece -- Gournes (Crete).
Bronze age -- Greece -- Gournes (Crete).
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Greece -- Gournes (Crete).
Gournes (Crete, Greece) -- Antiquities.
Bronze age.
Excavations (Archaeology).
Minoans -- Funeral customs and rites.
Greece -- Crete.
Greece -- Gournia (Extinct city).
"The results of the excavation of an Early Bronze Age cemetery-including 37 tombs and an associated rectangular Minoan building-at Gournes in north-central Crete revealed strong relations with the Cyclades during the time of the Kampos Cultural Group, as exemplified by the distinctive style of pottery and other types of burial objects such as obsidian pieces and metal items. The discussion of burial practices at Gournes involves both the significance of several features of the funerary architecture and the consideration of the character and deposition of offerings in the tombs. The burial architecture and artifacts are profusely illustrated and tables of data are presented. The cemetery is compared with other Early Bronze Age sites within and outside Crete to investigate links among Prepalatial funerary practices and also to look into settlement sites that display similar characteristics that may reveal possible intercultural relations in the Aegean. Their interconnections confirm the existence, since the Early Minoan I period, of a dense social network including the Cycladic islands and contacts with distant areas of Crete. The Minoan building was used from Early Minoan III to Late Minoan IA, and its ritual character in association with the funerary context suggests that it was originally constructed as a house tomb and was reused later as a support building for rituals after the abandonment of the Early Minoan IB cemetery"-- Provided by publisher.
Distribution of EM I-III domestic and burial sites in north-central and east Crete / Calliope E. Galanaki and Joanna Triantafylidi
Early Minoan IB cemetery / Calliope E. Galanaki
Catalog of EM IB tombs and their finds / Calliope E. Galanaki, Danae Z. Kontopodi, and Joanna Triantafylidi
Catalog of EM IB pottery sherds / Joanna Triantafylidi and Giorgos Pantermarakis
Burial architecture and funerary practices at the EM IB cemetery / Kostas Sbonias
Human skeletal remains in the EM IB Cemetery : the question of the missing bones / Argyro Nafplioti
Early Minoan IB pottery / Yiannis Papadatos
Petrographic analysis of the EM IB pottery / Eleni Nodarou
Analysis of the EM IB pottery with scanning electron microscopy / Ioannis Iliopoulos
Metal objects from the EM IB cemetery : jewelry and implements / Calliope E. Galanaki
Technological observations based on the analyses of metal and steatite finds from the EM IB cemetery / Yannis Bassiakos, Chrysa Apostolaki, Vassilis Perdikatsis, and Sophia Sotiropoulou
Small finds of stone from the EM IB Cemetery : obsidian, chert, and stone jewelry / Doniert Evely
Material of marine origin from the EM IB cemetery / Anastasios Eleftheriou, Joanna Triantafylidi, Lilian Karali, and Calliope E. Galanaki
Discussion I : the EM IB cemetery as part of the Aegean World / Yiannis Papadatos and Calliope E. Galanaki
Distribution of Protopalatial-Neopalatial domestic and burial sites in north-central Crete / Calliope E. Galanaki, Joanna Triantafylidi, and Christina Papadaki
Minoan building / Calliope E. Galanaki
Architecture of the Minoan building / Calliope E. Galanaki and Christina Papadaki
Introduction to the pottery from the Minoan building / Christina Papadaki and Calliope E. Galanaki, with statistics by Charalambos Stratigis
Pottery from the Minoan building / Christina Papadaki, Eleni Nodarou, and Calliope E. Galanaki
Petrographic analysis of pottery from the Minoan building / Eleni Nodarou
Discussion II : stratigraphy, dating, and use of the Minoan building / Calliope E. Galanaki, Evangelos Kyriakidis, and Christina Papadaki
The region of Gournes during the historic period : a hidden rural landscape? / Alexandros Kastanakis
Geological observations on the Gournes area / Charalambos Fassoulas
Discussion III : the Gournes region through time / Alexandros Kastanakis and Charalambos Fassoulas
Epilogue: Gournes and Its landscape / Calliope E. Galanaki.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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