A Tumblr book : platform and cultures / Allison McCracken, Alexander Cho, Louisa Stein, Indira N. Hoch, editors.

Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2020.
1 online resource (405 pages)

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Chapter 1. You Must Be New Here: An Introduction | Allison McCracken, Alexander Cho, Louisa Stein, and Indira Neill Hoch
Section 1. #The Rules of Tumblr
Chapter 2. Lost in the "Dash": How Tumblr Fosters Virtuous Cycles of Content and Community | Nicholas Proferes and Katherine E. Morrissey
Chapter 3. Going Down the Rabbit Hole: An Interview with Amanda Brennan, Head of Content Insights and Social, Tumblr
Chapter 4. Blackout, Black Excellence, Black Power: Strategies of Everyday Online Activism on Black Tumblr | Kendra Calhoun
Chapter 5. Under the Radar: A Conversation about Tumblr in the Public Sphere with Aja Romano and Elizabeth Minkel
Chapter 6. Reblogs, Monsters, and Erotic Amphibians: The Process of Critical Analysis on Tumblr | Indira Neill Hoch
Chapter 7. Divine Fools and Ridiculous Mystics: Tumblr Humor as an Act of Defiance | The-Cimmerians
Chapter 8. Tumblr Time: How Tumblr's Temporal Features Shape Community Memory and Knowledge | Milena Popova
Gallery: @Staff | Indira Neill Hoch
Section 2. #Privacy and Ethics
Chapter 9. Screaming into the Void: Reconceptualizing Privacy, the Personal, and the Public through the Perspectives of Young Tumblr Users | Julian Burton
Chapter 10. The Challenges of Doing Qualitative Research on Tumblr: Experience and Advice from Three Scholars of Young People's Tumblr Use | Akane Kanai, Crystal Abidin, and Matthew Hart
Chapter 11. We Are More Than Footnotes: Black Women and Intellectual Theft | Aisha Mahmud
Section 3. #NSFW
Chapter 12. Walled Gardens, NSFW Niches, and Horizontality: A Conversation about Tumblr Porn with | Susanna Paasonen and Noah Tsika
Chapter 13. NSFW as an Intervention: The Case of Sexy Selfies on Tumblr | Katrin Tiidenberg
Chapter 14. Fandom Surgery | Morgan Fisher.
Chapter 15. TumPorn Is Dead, Long Live TumPorn! | Shaka McGlotten
Section 4. #Fandom
Chapter 16. A Roundtable Discussion about the Cultures of Fandom on Tumblr with Flourish Klink, Rukmini Pande, Zina Hutton, and Lori Morimoto
Chapter 17. Kitten Thinks of Nothing but Murder All Day: Tumblr Text Post Memes as Fandom DeĢtournement | J. S. A. Lowe
Chapter 18. Lesbian One Direction Fans Take Over Tumblr | Jessica Pruett
Chapter 19. Ships, Fans, and #beatingthedistance: Queer Intimacy and the New Genre of Interactive Memoir on Tumblr | Annie Galvin
Gallery: #Fan Art | Curated by Louisa Stein
Section 5. #Activism
Chapter 20. A Social Good Brand: An Interview with Victoria McCullough, Lead, Social Impact, Tumblr
Chapter 21. Tumblr, XKit, and the XKit Guy: Toward an Extended Platform Ecology | Lesley Willard
Chapter 22. Digital Decolonization: Reclaiming Tumblr's #Latina Tag | Emily Rauber Rodriguez
Chapter 23. Queer Tumblr IRL: An Interview with Joe Varisco
Chapter 24. Behind the Scenes of a Popular Trans Youth Resources Tumblr | Lee Brown
Chapter 25. Queer Tips: Using Tumblr for LGBTQ Sex Education and Outreach, an Interview with Maureen Kelly
Section 6. #Identity/Affinity Networks
Chapter 26. Tumblr as a Space of Learning, Connecting, and Identity Formation for LGBTIQ+ Young People | Brady Robards, Paul Byron, Brendan Churchill, Benjamin Hanckel, and Son Vivienne
Chapter 27. A Conversation about Gender/Sexual Variant and Transgender Labeling and Networking on Tumblr with Abigail Oakley and Avery Dame-Griff
Chapter 28. Developing a Black Genderfluid Feminist Critique via Tumblr | Strugglingtobeheard
Chapter 29. #Spoonielife: A Conversation about Chronic Pain Expression and Alternative Social Worlds on Tumblr with EJ Gonzalez-Polledo and Jen Tarr.
Chapter 30. New Ways of Seeing: Tumblr, Young People, and Mental Illness | Natalie Ann Hendry
Section 7. #myAesthetic
Chapter 31. On the Value of the Social: A Conversation with Researchers about How Artists Use Tumblr with Carla McCutchin and Devon Murphy
Chapter 32. Unofficial Archives of Urban Life: How to Rewrite the Canon of Cities | Annette Koh
Chapter 33. Beyond the Pale Blog: Tumblr Pink and the Aesthetics of White Anxiety | Christine Goding-Doty
Chapter 34. Tumblr's Gallery of Loops: GIF Art Beyond Reaction GIF Culture | Jennifer Malkowski
Gallery: #Original Art | Curated by Indira Neill Hoch
Description based on publisher supplied metadata and other sources.
McCracken, Allison, 1968- author.
Cho, Alexander, 1980- editor.
Stein, Louisa Ellen, editor.
Hoch, Indira Neill, 1985- editor.