The Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P'ing Mei, Volume One : The Gathering / ed. by David Tod Roy.

Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, [2013]
1 online resource (520 pages) : 40 line illustrations.
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Historical fiction.
In English.
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In this first of a planned five-volume set, David Roy provides a complete and annotated translation of the famous Chin P'ing Mei, an anonymous sixteenth-century Chinese novel that focuses on the domestic life of Hsi-men Ch'ing, a corrupt, upwardly mobile merchant in a provincial town, who maintains a harem of six wives and concubines. This work, known primarily for its erotic realism, is also a landmark in the development of the narrative art form--not only from a specifically Chinese perspective but in a world-historical context.
List of Illustrations
Cast of Characters
Preface to the Chin P'ing Mei tz'u-hua
Preface to the Chin P'ing Mei
Four Lyrics to the Tune "Burning Incense"
Lyrics on the Four Vices to the Tune "Partridge Sky"
CHAPTER 1. Wu Sung Fights a Tiger on Ching-yang Ridge; P'an Chin-lien Disdains Her Mate and Plays the Coquette
CHAPTER 2. Beneath the Blind Hsi-men Ch'ing Meets Chin-lien; Inspired by Greed Dame Wang Speaks of Romance
CHAPTER 3. Dame Wang Proposes a Ten-part Plan for "Garnering the Glow'' Hsi-men Ch'ing Flirts with Chin-lien in the Teahouse
CHAPTER 4. The Hussy Commits Adultery behind Wu the Elder's Back; Yün-ko in His Anger Raises a Rumpus in the Teashop
CHAPTER 5. Yün-ko Lends a Hand by Cursing Dame Wang; The Hussy Administers Poison to Wu the Elder
CHAPTER 6. Hsi-men Ch'ing Suborns Ho the Ninth; Dame Wang Fetches Wine and Encounters a Downpour
CHAPTER 7. Auntie Hsüeh Proposes a Match with Meng Yü-lou; Aunt Yang Angrily Curses Chang the Fourth
CHAPTER 8. All Night Long P'an Chin-lien Yearns for Hsi-men Ch'ing; During the Tablet-burning Monks Overhear Sounds of Venery
CHAPTER 9. Hsi-men Ch'ing Conspires to Marry P'an Chin-lien; Captain Wu Mistakenly Assaults Li Wai-ch'uan
CHAPTER 10. Wu the Second Is Condemned to Exile in Meng-chou; Hsi-men and His Harem Revel in the Hibiscus Pavilion
CHAPTER 11. P'an Chin-lien Instigates the Beating of Sun Hsüeh-o Hsi-men Ch'ing Decides to Deflower Li Kuei-chieh
CHAPTER 12. P'an Chin-lien Suffers Ignominy for Adultery with a Servant; Stargazer Liu Purveys Black Magic in Pursuit of Gain
CHAPTER 13. Li P'ing-erh Makes a Secret Tryst over the Garden Wall; The Maid Ying-ch'un Peeks through a Crack and Gets an Eyeful
CHAPTER 14. Hua Tzu-hsü Succumbs to Chagrin and Loses His Life; Li P'ing-erh Invites Seduction and Attends a Party
CHAPTER 15. Beauties Enjoy the Sights in the Lantern-viewing Belvedere; Hangers-on Abet Debauchery in the Verdant Spring Bordello
CHAPTER 16. Hsi-men Ch'ing Is Inspired by Greed to Contemplate Matrimony; Ying Po-chüeh Steals a March in Anticipation of the Ceremony
CHAPTER 17. Censor Yü-wen Impeaches Commander Yang; Li P'ing-erh Takes Chiang Chu-shan as Mate
CHAPTER 18. Lai-pao Takes Care of Things in the Eastern Capital; Ch'en Ching-chi Supervises the Work in the Flower Garden
CHAPTER 19. Snake-in-the-grass Shakes Down Chiang Chu-shan; Li P'ing-erh's Feelings Touch Hsi-men Ch'ing
CHAPTER 20. Meng Yü-lou High-mindedly Intercedes with Wu Yüeh-niang; Hsi-men Ch'ing Wreaks Havoc in the Verdant Spring Bordello
APPENDIX I. Translator's Commentary on the Prologue
APPENDIX II. Translations of Supplementary Material
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