Proceedings, Symposium on the Theory of Shells, to honor Lloyd Hamilton Donnell. / Edited by D. Muster.

Houston, Tex., University of Houston, [1967].
xvi, 480 p. illus. 24 cm.
Conference Name:
Symposium on the Theory of Shells (1966 : University of Houston)

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Other Title:
Theory of shells.
Donnell, Lloyd Hamilton, 1895 -- -Addresses, essays, lectures.
Elastic plates and shells -- Addresses, essays, lectures.
L.H. Donnell, by D. Muster.
Computer analysis of shells, by J.E. Goldberg.
A theory of deformable surface and elastic shell theory, by P.M. Naghdi.
Symmetrical deformations of circular cylindrical shells of rapidly varying thickness, by T.J. Lardner and E. Reissner.
Nonlinear membrane problems for elastic shells of revolution, by R.A. Clark and O.S. Narayanaswamy.
Mechanics of inflatable sandwich-type shallow shells, by W.A. Nash and F.H. Ho.
Buckling and postbuckling of an axially compressed oval cylindrical shell, by J. Kempner and Youl-Nan Chen.
General equations of elastic stability for thin shells, by W.T. Koiter.
A second approximation to the problem of elastic instability, by E.F. Masur and H.L. Schreyer.
Some recent research on the vibrations of elastic shells containing liquids, by H.N. Abramson and D.D. Kana.
Forced motions of shells and plates surrounded by an acoustic fluid, by G. Herrmann and J.E. Russell.
The in-vacuo vibrations of a simply supported, ring-stiffened, mass-loaded cylindrical shell, by C.D. Michalopoulos and D. Muster.
Inelastic buckling of columns in the conventional testing machine, by N.J. Hoff.
Buckling of an elastic isotropic cylindrical shell subjected to wind pressure, by H.L. Langhaar and R.E. Miller.
On the postbuckling behavior of thin-walled, axially compressed circular cylinders of finite length, by W.F. Thielemann, and M.E. Esslinger.
Includes bibliographies.
Donnell, Lloyd Hamilton, 1895-
Muster, D. ed.