English writers: an attempt towards a history of English literature, by Henry Morley ...

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Morley, Henry, 1822-1894.
London, Paris, New York, Melbourne, Cassell & Co., 1887-95.
11 volumes 20 cm
English literature -- History and criticism.
Great Britain -- Intellectual life.
English literature.
Intellectual life
Great Britain.
Criticism, interpretation, etc.
I. Introduction. Origins. Old Celtic literature. Beowulf. 2d ed. 1887.
II. From Cædmon to the conquest. 1888.
III. From the conquest to Chaucer. 2d ed. ed. 1889.
IV-V. The fourteenth century. 1889-90.
VI. From Chaucer to Caxton. 1890.
VII. From Caxton to Coverdale. 1891.
VIII. From Surrey to Spenser. 1892.
IX. Spenser and his time. 1892.
X. Shakespeare and his time: under Elizabeth. 1893.
XI. Shakespeare and his time: under James. 1895.
Vol I. Introduction
The forming of the people
Old literature of the Gael
Old literature of the Cymry
Old literature of the Teutons
The fight at Finnesburg
Vol II. Widsith
The scop
First teachers of Christianity
To the death of Bede
The mother tongue- "Judith"
The Vercelli and Exeter books-other remains of first-english verse
To the end of the eighth century
Dicuil-John Scotus Erigena
King Alfred
The tenth century: Monasticism
To the end of the tenth century
Close of the first-english period
The Northmen
Vol III. Light from the south-close of the eleventh century
Ordericus vitalis and William of Malmesbury-Gesta Stephani
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Church Militant-Thomas Becket-Giraldus Cambrensis
Retrospect-Chronicles-Henry of Huntingdon-Miracle plays of Hilarious
The ormulum and the Ancren Riwle
English songs and ballads-the bard in Wales
English Metrical romance
Foundation of the Dominicans and Franciscans-Grosseteste-Roger Bacon
Robert of Brunne-Gesta Roman-Orum-Allegory and romance
The Italian revival
Vol IV. "The Romaunt of the rose
Petrarch and Boccaccio
Richard of Bury and some learned men
Miracle plays
"Cursor Mundi"-Northern homilies and southern legends-"The pearl"
John Gower
Gower's "Vox Clamantis"
Gower's "Confessio Amantis"
Writers of Chronicles
War and religion
Mayndeville's travels
William Langland and his "Vision of Piers Plowman"
Vol V. Church Reform
Wyclif's earlier years
Wyclif the reformer
Wyclif as teacher
Wyclif's later years
Chaucer's earlier years
Chaucer's earlier poems
Chaucer's "Troilus and Cressida"
The "House of Fame"
"The legend of good women"
Minor works ascribed to chaucer
The "Centerbury Tales"
The spirit of Chaucer
Vol VII. John Barbour
John of Fordoun-Andrew of Wyntoun
Richard the redeless-plowman's crede and tale
Lydgate and occleve
The church controversy-chronicles
Some minor poets-James the first and the King's Quair
Reginald pecock
Sir John Fortescue
Dictionaries and translations-legends and fables -minstrelsy-songs and ballads of the people
Huchowne-blind Harry-Robert Henryson
The paston letters
The invention of printing
William Caxton
Vol VII. Princely training
Surrey and Wyatt
Courtly makers in the reign of Henry VIII
Masques and interludes-rise of the modern drama-the first english comedy
From Henry and the eighth's reign onward-John Leland and John Bale-northern reformers-Sir David Lindsay and John Knox
Of troubles abroad and the english reformers and scholars, with other writers, being the end of the narrative from the year 1540 to the accession of Queen Elizabeth
Accession of Elizabeth: John Knox, Matthew Parker, and other church reformers
First years of Elizabeth's reign: Poems, plays and tales
Ascham's "Schoolmaster" and Lylys's "Euphues"
Church Militant
The last years of John Knox-George Buchanan
Chronicles and plays
In the young days of Sidney and Raleigh.
Vol. 11 was completed after Morley's death by W. Hall Griffin.
Includes bibliographical references (v. 11, pages 335-460).
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Gotham Book Mart Collection copy imperfect: v.3-4 only; v.1-2, v.5-11 wanting.
Athenaeum copy: Livezey Fund bookplate (vol IV, vol V, vol VI,vol VII)
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Gotham Book Mart (former owner) (Gotham Book Mart Collection copy)
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Gotham Book Mart Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Griffin, William Hall.
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Online version: Morley, Henry, 1822-1894. English writers.
Online version: Morley, Henry, 1822-1894. English writers.
Online version: Morley, Henry, 1822-1894. English writers.
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