Human behavior in economic affairs., Essays in honor of George Katona. / Ed. by Burkhard Strumpel, James N. Morgan and Ernest Zahn. With concluding comments by George Katona.

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Amsterdam ; New York, Elsevier Scientific Pub. Co., 1972 [1973].
x, 590 p. port. 23 cm.
Economics -- Psychological aspects -- Addresses, essays, lectures.
Consumers -- Addresses, essays, lectures.
Likert, R. Courageous pioneer.
Katona, G. Reminiscences.
Morgan. J. N. A quarter century of behavorial research in economics, persistent programs and diversions.
Tobin, J. Wealth, liquidity, and the propensity to consume.
Katz, D. Psychology and economic behavior.
Strumpel, B. Economic behavior and economic welfare.
Newcomb, T. M. Expectations as a social psychological concept.
Wärneryd, K. E. and Olander, F. The place for laboratory experiments and small-sample surveys in economic psychology.
Orcutt, G. H. Micro-analytic simulation for personal decision-making.
Ferber, R. and Nicosia, F. Newly married couples and their asset accumulation decisions.
Pratt, R. W. Marketing applications of behavioral economics.
Schmölders, G. and Biervert, B. Level of aspiration and consumption standard: some general findings.
Freedman, D. S. Consumption aspirations as economic incentives in a developing country: Taiwan.
Lauterbach, A. The social setting of consumer behavior in Latin America.
Adams, F. G. and Klein, L. R. Anticipations variables in macro-econometric models.
Juster, F. T. and Wachtel, P. Uncertainty, expectations and durable goods demand models.
Dunkelberg, W. C. The impact of consumer attitudes to behavior.
Shapiro, H. T. The index of consumer sentiment and economic forecasting.
Maynes, E. S. The power of the consumer.
Scherhorn, G. and Wieken, K. On the effect of counter-information of consumers.
Zahn, E. The consumer society: unstinted praise and growing criticism.
Boulding, K. E. Human betterment and the quality of life.
Guthrie, H. W. and Sutton, F. G. The role of earning rates in determining poverty.
Smith, J. D. Birth control and economic well-being.
Cohen, W. J. A program to abolish poverty.
Katona, G. Theory of expectations.
Publications of George Katona (p. 587-590).
Distributed in the USA by Jossey-Bass, San Francisco.
Includes bibliographies.
Katona, George, 1901-
Strümpel, Burkhard.
Morgan, James N., 1918-2018.
Zahn, Ernest.
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