Ioannis Francisci Pici Mirandulae domini et concordiae comitis De rerum praenotione libri nouem : pro veritate religionis, contra superstitiosas vanitates editi.

Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni Francesco, 1470-1533.
Other Title:
De rervm praenotione libri novem
De rerum praenotione libri novem
Argentoraci : Ioannes Knoblochus imprimebat ; recognouit Mathias Schürerius, MDVII [1507]
[588] p. ; 30 cm. (fol.)
muRI oriq eoho cunu (C) 1507 (R)
Hilary, Saint, Bishop of Poitiers, -367?.
Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni, 1463-1494. De ente et uno.
Astrology -- Early works to 1800.
Philosophy -- Collected works -- Early works to 1800.
Catholic Church -- Apologetic works.
Local subjects:
Strasbourg (France) -- Imprints (Johann Knobloch; Mathias Schürer)
Waste (Binding) -- 16th century
Clasps (Binding) -- Germany -- Asbach -- 16th century.
Wooden boards (Binding) -- Germany -- Asbach -- 16th century.
Bevelled edge boards (Binding) -- Germany -- Asbach -- 16th century.
Annotations (Provenance) -- Germany -- Asbach -- 16th century.
Place of Publication:
France Strasbourg.
(from t.p.) De fide theoremata
De morte Christi, & propria cogitanda: libri tres
De studio diuinae, & humanae philosophiae: duo
De diuini amoris imaginatione: vnus
Vita patrui, & defensio de uno & ente, & alia quaepia[m]
Expositio tex. decreti de con. dis. ij. Hilarij
Epistolarum libri quattuor
Iustini tralatio
Staurostichon, de mysterijs Germaniae heroico carmine.
Imprint from colophon on leaf o7r, which reads: Ioan. Fran. Pici Mirandulae ... opera aurea & bracteata finiunt: Argentoraci pridiae kalen[das]. februarias ann. M.D.VII. ... Ioannes Knoblochus imprimebat: recognouit Mathias Schürerius.
Another colophon on leaf u8r gives date as "die. xxij. Decemb. Ann." [22 Dec. 1506].
Published in parts; most recorded copies are bound differently.
Second issue, containing 8 leaves of errata (2[pi]⁸), entitled: Ioan. Fran. Pi. Miran. ad lectorem.
An error on the t.p. has "De diuini amoris imaginatione" instead of the correct title "De imaginatione".
Edited by Mathias Schürer (colophon on leaf 07r ends "Recognouit Mathias Schürerius").
With references to America and India.
Spaces left with guide letters for initials.
Signatures: pi⁴ A-L⁶ M⁸ N-V⁶ (K1 missigned L; V6 blank) p-s⁶ t-u⁸ a-c⁶ d⁸ e⁶ f¹⁰ g⁴ h-k⁶ l⁸ (l8 blank) m-n⁶ o⁸ (o8 blank) ²A-D⁶ ²E⁴ ²F⁸ (²F4 missigned ²E4).
Local notes:
Lea Library copy has the inscription "Michael Auer possessor, comstat 1508" on t.p. and the early ownership inscription of the Benedictine monastery Asbach ("In usum F.F. Aspacensium") on t.p.
Lea Library copy bound in full vellum over bevelled edge wooden boards. Title written on front cover; author's name written on outer edge. Remains of two leather clasps; ms. glosses apparently written by Michael Auer.
Lea Library copy has numerous wormholes through the boards and a few wormholes throughout bookblock with occasional minor damage to text.
Culture Class Collection copy bound in full pigskin over wooden boards; blind-stamped panels with geometrical and floral designs on covers; three raised bands on spine; remains of two metal clasps; all edges speckled red.
Culture Class Collection copy has partially legible ms. ownership inscription " Jos. [...]" on title page.
Culture Class Collection copy has a few ms. side notes and underlines throughout.
Penn Provenance:
Auer, Michael (autograph) (Lea Library copy)
Asbach an der Rott (Benedictine monastery) (inscription) (Lea Library copy)
Benedictines ( Asbach an der Rott) (inscription "In usum F.F. Aspacensium) (Lea Library copy)
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
Alden, J.E. European Americana, 506/5
Adams, P1138
Schürer, Matthias, d. 1519, editor.
Knobloch, Johann, d. 1528, printer.
Henry Charles Lea Library (University of Pennsylvania)
Justin, Martyr, Saint. Admonitorius gentium liber. Latin.
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