Readings in animal behavior / edited by Thomas E. McGill.

McGill, Thomas E., editor.
New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. 1965. , ©1965
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Animal behavior.
Animal psychology.
Medical subjects:
Bahavior, Animal.
Psychology, Comparative.
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United States New York (State) New York (City)
The snark was a boojum / Frank A. Beach
Ethology: an approach toward the complete analysis of behavior / Eckhard H. Hess
Ethology as a new branch of biology / W.H. Thorpe
The descent of instinct / Frank A. Beach
The comparative study of species-specific behavior / R.A. Hinde and N. Tinbergen
The inheritance of behavior / Gerald E. McClearn
Behavior genetics and individuality understood / Jerry Hirsch
Inheritance of audiogenic seizure susceptibility in the mouse / John L. Fuller, Clarice Easler and Mary E. Smith
Cerebral factors in alcohol preference of laboratory mice / Gerald E. McClearn, and David A. Rodgers
Inheritance of behavioral and physiological characteristics of mice and the problem of heterosis / Jan H. Bruell
Genotype and sex drive in intact and in castrated male mice / Thomas E. McGill and G. Richard Tucker
Neuroethology and the motivation of agonistic behavior / Jerram L. Brown and Robert W. Hunsperger
General heterostimulation in a monkey colony / José M.R. Delgado
Hunger in the blowfly / V.G. Dethier and Dietrich Bodenstein
Organizing action of prenatally administered testosterone propionate on the tissues mediating mating behavior in the female guinea pig / Charles H. Phoenix [and others]
Hormones and reproductive behavior: some phylogenetic considerations / Lester A. Aronson
The presence of the mate and of nesting material as stimuli for the development of incubation behavior and for gonadotropin secretion in the ring dove (streptopelia risoria) / Daniel S. Lehrman, Philip N. Bordy, and Rochelle P. Wortis
Relations between brain chemistry and problem-solving among rats raised in enriched and impoverished environments / David Krech, Mark R. Rosenzweig, and Edward L. Bennett
Fear and pain: their effect on self-injection of amobarbital sodium by rats / John D. Davis and Neal E. Miller
Genetic and ontogenetic determinants of adult behavior in the rat / Seymour Levine and P.L. Broadhurst
Influence of prenatal maternal anxiety on emotionality in young rats / William R. Thompson
Parameters relevant to determining the effect of early experience upon the adult behavior of animals / John A. King
Behavior organization and genesis of the social bond in insects and mammals / T.C. Schneirla and Jay S. Rosenblatt
Critical periods in behavioral development / J.P. Scott
Letters: (1) "critical periods" in the development of behavior / T.C. Schneirla and Jay S. Rosenblatt
(2) reply to Schneirla and Rosenblatt / J.P. Scott
An attempt to isolate critical periods of development in the rat / Victor H. Denenberg
The effects of social restriction on the behavior of rhesus monkeys: 1. free social behavior / William A. Mason
The heterosexual affectional system in monkeys / Harry F. Harlow
The effect of early social experience on male sexual behavior of androgen injected turkeys / M.W. Schein and E.B. Hale
The influence of patterned-light deprivation on the critical period for imprinting / Howard Moltz and L. Jay Stettner
What the octopus makes of it: our world from another point of view / M.J. Wells
The "language" and orientation of the honey bee / K. von Frisch and M. Lindauer
Electric location by fishes / H.W. Lissmann
Migration and speciation in newts / Victor C. Twitty
The orientation of pigeons as affected by the learning of landmarks and by the distance of displacement / G.V.T. Matthews
Echo ranging in the porpoise / W.N. Kellogg
The echolocation of flying insects by bats / Donald R. Griffin, Frederic A. Webster and Charles R. Michael
The detection and evasion of bats by moths / Kenneth D. Roeder and Asher E. Treat
Oddity learning set in a cat / J.M. Warren
Reversal learning by horse and raccoon / J.M. Warren and Helen B. Warren
Some observations on an operant in the octopus / P.B. Dews
Memory transfer through cannibalism in planarians / James V. McConnell
Investigations into mimicry / Lincoln P. Brower and Jane Van Zandt Brower
The misbehavior of organisms / Keller Breland and Marian Breland
Visual reinforcement in fighting cocks / Travis I. Thompson
Visual attention in the Rhesus monkey / Robert A. Butler and Jerome H. Woolpy
Energy models of motivation / R.A. Hinde
Toward a comparative psychology of learning / M.E. Bitterman
The analysis of social organization in animals / J.P. Scott
Intra- and interspecific conflict of Mus and Peromyscus / John A. King
Excerpts from: the comparative ethology of the African parrot genus agapornis / William C. Digler
Changes in nest-material carrying behavior of F1 hybrids between agapornis roseicollis and a. personata fischeri during three years (abstract) / William C. Dilger
The shell menace / Niko Tinbergen
Mother-infant relations in free-ranging baboons / Irven DeVore
The development of schooling behavior in fishes / Evelyn Shaw.
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