Decisiones reuerendorum patrum dominorum Rotae, suis sub titulis secundum ordinem Decretalium in vnum redactae : locupletissimo indice, aureis quae annotationibus ad ipsas studio Camilli Melle ... exornatae : opus per quam utile ... : adest etiam tabella numeralis ... ad inueniendum decisiones a doctoribus allegatis secundum antiquam impressionem.

Catholic Church. Rota Romana.
Standardized Title:
Decisiones novae, antiquae, et antiquiores
Other Title:
Decisiones reverendorum patrum dominorum Rotae, suis sub titulis secundum ordinem Decretalium in vnum redactae
Venetiis : Apud Michaelem Tramezinum, MDLI [1551]
[12] (the last blank), 15, [1] (blank), 95, 118, 17, [1] (blank) ; 32 cm. (fol.)
Fingerprint: i.i. 3.a- suRe (3) 1551
Canon law -- Cases.
Law reports, digests, etc.
Place of Publication:
Italy Venice.
[Preliminary matter includes the Tabulae numerales]
Decisiones dominorum de Rota quas nouas appellant
Antiquae conclusiones alias decisiones dominorum de Rota
Decisiones antiquiores per ... Bernardum de Bisigneto ... redactae
Decisiones per ... Thomam Fastoli ... redactae.
Contains, with new notes, etc., the traditional group of four 14th-century collections: the Decisiones novae (compiled originally by Guillelmus Horborch), Decisiones antiquae (Gulielmus Gallici, G. Horborch, Bonaguida Cremonensis), Decisiones antiquiores (Bernardus de "Bisigneto," i.e. Bosqueto), and decisions extracted from a compilation of Thomas Falstolus ("Fastoli"),
Imprint from colophons on leaves 95a of the 3rd group (end of Decisiones novae; date there is 1550) and 118b of the 4th group (end of Decisiones Thomae Fastoli, with date 1551)
Devices of Michele Tramezzino (Sibyl, much smaller versions of the variants shown in Zappella: on t.p., as Z. 1077 [motto different: Ne turbata uolent ... commodiore sonat]; on leaf 95a [3rd group], as Z. 1078)
Woodcut initials.
Printed marginalia.
Signatures: *-3*⁴ (3*4 blank) A-D⁴ (D4 blank), ²A-Q⁶ (²Q6 blank), ³A-T⁶ ³V⁴, ⁴A-C⁴ ⁴D⁶ (⁴D6 blank?).
Includes indexes.
Local notes:
Lea Library copy bound in full vellum; title in ms. on spine.
Lea Library copy has a few wormholes through the title leaf.
Lea Library copy has illegible ms. ownership inscription on t.p.
Penn Chronology:
Mella, Camillo, fl. 1550.
Tramezzino, Michele, -1579, printer.
Henry Charles Lea Library (University of Pennsylvania)
Catholic Church. Rota Romana. Decisiones novae.
Catholic Church. Rota Romana. Decisiones antiquae.
Catholic Church. Rota Romana. Decisiones antiquiores.
Catholic Church. Rota Romana. Decisiones Falstoli.
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