March 4: scientists, students, and society. / Edited by Jonathan Allen.

Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1970. , ©1970
xxv, 177 pages ; 21 cm
Science -- Social aspects -- Congresses.
Science -- Moral and ethical aspects -- Congresses.
Science and civilization -- Congresses.
Place of Publication:
United States Massachusetts Cambridge.
United States Massachusetts West Hanover.
The responsibilities of intellectuals / F.E. Low, chairman
Students and society / J. Fiegenbaum
Responsibility / N. Chomsky
The scientist in military affairs / W.G. McMillan
Intellectuals in government / V.F. Weisskopf
Reconversion and nonmilitary research opportunities / R.F. Probstein, chairman reconversion and academic research
Some proposals to aid reconversion / M.C. Grignetti
Problems and possibilities in reconversion / D.S. Dayton
Reconversion within government laboratories / L.W. Gruenberg
The academic community and government / S.E. Luria, chairman
The academic community and governmental power / H. Zinn.
A historical perspective / E. Rabinowitch
Academic freedom and the military / E. Mann
Scholarship in the academic community / F. Schurmann
The future of the academic community / T.C. Schelling
Comments on UCS position statement / L. Trilling
Reconversion for what? / G.E. Brown, Jr.
A generation in search of a future / G. Wald
Protesting the draft / A. Mullaney
Proposals for further action / J. Kabat, J. Rubenzahl, J. Feigenbaum, O. Fleischman, S. Kolowsky
Arms control, disarmament, and national security / B.T. Feld, chairman
ABM and the strategic balance / H.A. Bethe
Controlling biological and chemical weapons / M.S. Meselson
The history of atomic diplomacy / G. Alperovitz.
"Copyright ©1970 by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology"--verso of title page.
"Set in Linofilm Quick Helvetica by Southern New England Typographic Service. Printed and bound in the United States of America by Halliday Lithograph Corp."--verso of title page.
"This book is a historical record of a series of talks and panel discussions that were sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists at MIT and held on March 3 and 4, 1969.".
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Kislak Center copy gifted by Dr. Mark B. Adams in 2018.
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Adams, Mark B. (former owner) (Adams copy)
Penn Chronology:
Allen, Jonathan, 1934- editor.
M.I.T. Press, publisher.
Halliday Lithograph Corporation, printer.
Mark B. Adams Emergence of Modern Science Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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