The transcendentalists : an anthology / [edited by] Perry Miller.

Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1950.
xvii, 521 pages ; 24 cm
Transcendentalism (New England).
The peculiar blessings of our social condition as Americans / Joseph Stevens Buckminster
Oration pronounced at Cambridge, before the Society of Phi Beta Kappa, August 26, 1824 / Edward Everett
Likeness to God / William Ellery Channing
History of intellectual philosophy / Alexander H. Everett
Preliminary essay / James Marsh
Signs of the times / Timothy Walker
The influence of Carlyle / James Freeman Clarke
The everlasting yes / Orestes A. Brownson
Autobiography / James Freeman Clarke
Oration on genius / Sampson Reed
Observations on the growth of the mind / Sampson Reed
Charles Follen's inaugural discourse / George Ripley
Natural theology / Convers Francis
James Mackintosh / George Ripley
Coleridge / Frederic Henry Hedge
Progress of society / Frederic Henry Hedge
Moral aspects of phrenology / Isaac Ray
Schiller / Frederic Henry Hedge
Foundations of faith / James Walker
Benjamin Constant / Orestes A. Brownson
Herder / George Ripley
Progress of society / Orestes A. Brownson
Herder's theological opinions and services / George Ripley
Wordsworth's Yarrow revisited / Cornelius C. Felton
Schleiermacher as a theologian / George Ripley
Education of the people / Orestes A. Brownson
Sartor resartus / Nathaniel L. Frothingham
Victor Cousin / Orestes A. Brownson
New views of Christianity, society, and the Church / Orestes A. Brownson
Remarks on the four Gospels / William Henry Furness
Martineau's Rationale / George Ripley
Discourses on the philosophy of religion / George Ripley
Record of a school / Elizabeth Palmer Peabody
Conversations with children on the Gospels / Amos Bronson Alcott
Ripley's Martineau / Andrews Norton
To Mr. Andrews Norton / George Ripley
Emerson's Nature / Samuel Osgood
Ripley's Discourses / James Freeman Clarke
Alcott / James Freeman Clarke
Furness' Remarks / Martin Luther Hurlbut
Emerson's Nature / Francis Bowen
Locke and the Transcendentalists / Francis Bowen
Emerson's American scholar / Christopher Pearse Cranch
Introductory remarks / Orestes A. Brownson
Francis Bowen / Orestes A. Brownson
Emerson's American scholar / William Henry Channing
Alcott's Conversations / Orestes A. Brownson
Ripley's Specimens / Orestes A. Brownson
An address delivered before the senior class in Divinity College / Ralph Waldo Emerson
The new school in literature and religion / Andrews Norton
Emerson's Address / The christian examiner
Emerson's Address / Orestes A. Brownson
R.W. Emerson and the new school / James Freeman Clarke, Christopher Pearse Cranch
Preface, Observations, 1838 / Sampson Reed
Norton's Evidence / Orestes A. Brownson
A discourse on the latest form of infidelity / Andrews Norton
The latest form of infidelity examined / George Ripley
A letter to Andrews Norton / Richard Hildreth
The previous question between Mr. Andrews Norton and his alumni / Theodore Parker
Transcendentalism of the Germans and of Cousin and its influence on opinion in this country / J.W. Alexander, Albert Dod, Charles Hodge
Two articles from The Princeton review / Orestes A. Brownson
The editors to the reader / Ralph Waldo Emerson
Letter to the church in Purchase Street / George Ripley
A farewell discourse / George Ripley
A discourse of the transient and permanent in Christianity / Theodore Parker
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever / George Ripley
Introductory notice, specimens of foreign standard literature / George Ripley
Transcendentalism / Christopher Pearse Cranch
Orphic sayings / Amos Bronson Alcott
A discourse of matters pertaining to religion / Theodore Parker
The natural history of Massachusetts / Henry D. Thoreau
Memoirs / Margaret Fuller
Shelley / D.L.
Jones Very / James Freeman Clarke
Epic poetry / Jones Very
Shakespeare / Jones Very
Hamlet / Jones Very
The wind-flower ; The columbine ; The new birth ; The son ; The morning watch ; The garden ; The presence ; Thy brother's blood ; Nature ; The meek ; The barberry-bush ; The children ; The hand and foot ; The new world ; To the fossil flower ; The prayer ; The silent ; The fox and the bird / Jones Very
A short essay on critics / Margaret Fuller
Menzel's view of Goethe / Margaret Fuller
The word Aesthetic / Elizabeth Palmer Peabody
The new poetry / Ralph Waldo Emerson
The earth ; An old man / William Ellery Channing
Questionings / Frederic Henry Hedge
Stanzas ; The ocean ; Correspondence ; Inworld ; Outworld ; The spirit of the age ; The garden / Christopher Pearse Cranch
Sympathy ; Stanzas ; Sic vita ; The inward morning ; Free love / Henry D. Thoreau
A dialogue / Margaret Fuller
I slept, and dreamed that life was beauty / Ellen Sturgis Hooper
Poems / Caroline Sturgis Tappan
A record of impressions / Margaret Fuller
Painting and sculpture / Sophia Dana Ripley
Music / John Sullivan Dwight
The writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson / Theodore Parker
On the progress of civilization / George Bancroft
An ideal of humanity / William Henry Channing
Emerson / Orestes A. Brownson
Wordsworth / Orestes A. Brownson
The laboring classes / Orestes A. Brownson
Brownson's Laboring classes / William Henry Channing
A sermon of merchants / Theodore Parker
The great lawsuit / Margaret Fuller
Plan of the West Roxbury community / Elizabeth Palmer Peabody
The harbinger / George Ripley
The art of life / Frederic Henry Hedge
Hawthorne's Scarlet letter / George B. Loring
Theodore Parker's experience as a minister / Theodore Parker
Historic notes of life and letters in New England / Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 503-510) and index.
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Miller, Perry, 1905-1963.
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