The world of mathematics : a small library of the literature of mathematics from Aʻh-mosé the scribe to Albert Einstein / presented with commentaries and notes by James R. Newman.

New York : Simon and Schuster, 1956.
4 volumes (xviii, 2535 pages) : illustrations ; 23 cm

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Place of Publication:
United States New York (State) New York (City).
v. 1. Great mathematicians / Herbert Westren Turnbull
The rhind papyrus / James R. Newman
Archimedes / Plutarch, Vitruvius, Tzetzes
Greek mathematics / Ivor Thomas
Declaration of the profit of arithmeticke / Robert Recorde
Johann Kepler / Sir Olver Lodge
Geometry / Rene Descartes
Isaac Newton / E.N. Da C. Andrade
Newton, the man / John Maynard Keynes
The analyst / Bishop Berkeley
Gauss, the prince of mathematicians / Eric Temple Bell
Invariant twins, Cayley and Sylvester / Eric Temple Bell
Srinivasa Ramanujan / James R. Newman
My mental development / Bertrand Russell
Mathematics as an element in the history of thought / Alfred North Whitehead
The sand reckoner / Archimedes
Counting / Levi Leonard Conant
From numbers to numerals and from numerals to computation / David Eugene Smith and Jekuthiel Ginsburg
Calculating prodigies / W.W. Rouse Ball
The ability of birds to "count" / O. Koehler
Queen of mathematics / Eric Temple Bell
On the binomial theorem for fractional and negative exponents / Isaac Newton
Irrational numbers / Richard Dedekind
Definition of number / Bertrand Russell
Exactness of mathematical laws / William Kingdon Clifford
Postulates of the science of space / William Kingdon Clifford
On the space theory of matter / William Kingdon Clifford
The seven bridges of Konigsberg / Leonhard Euler
Topology / Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins
Durer as a mathematician / Erwin Panofsky
Projective geometry / Morris Kline
On the origin and significance of geometrical axioms / Hermann von Helmholtz
Symmetry / Hermann Weyl
v. 2. Mathematics of motion / Galileo Galilei
Kinetic theory of gases / Daniel Bernoulli
Longitude / Lloyd A. Brown
John Couch Adams and the discovery of Neptune / Sir Harold Spencer Jones
Atomic numbers / H.G.J. Moseley
Rontgen Rays / Sir William Bragg
Crystals and the future of physics / Philippe Le Corbeiller
What is calculus pf variations and what are its applications? / Karl Menger
The soap-bubble / C. Vernon Boys
Plateau's problem / Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins
Periodic law of the chemical elements / Dmitri Mendeleeff
Mendeleeff / Bernard Jaffe
Mathematics of heredity / Gregor Mendel
On being the right size / J.B.S. Haldane
Heredity and the quantum theory / Erwin Schrodinger
On magnitude / D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson
The uncertainty principle / Werner Heisenberg
Causality and wave mechanics / Erwin Schrodinger
Constants of nature / Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington
New law of gravitation and the old law / Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington
Theory of relativity / Clement V. Durell
Gustav Theodor Fechner / Edwin G. Boring
Classification of men according to their natural gifts / Sir Francis Galton
Mathematics of population and food / Thomas Robert Malthus
Mathematics of value and demand / Augustin Cournot
Theory of political economy / William Stanley Jevons
Mathematics of war and foreign politics / Lewis Fry Richardson
Statistics of deadly quarrels / Lewis Fry Richardson
Theory of economic behavior / Leonid Hurwicz
Theory of games / S. Vajda
Sociology learns the language of mathematics / Abraham Kaplan
Concerning probability / Pierre Simon de Laplace
The red and black / Charles Sanders Peirce
Application of probability to conduct / John Maynard Keynes
Chance / Henri Poincare
Meaning of probability / Ernest Nagel.
v. 3. Foundations of vital statistics / John Graunt
First life insurance tables / Edmund Halley
The law of large numbers / Jacob Bernoulli
Sampling and standard error / L.C. Tippett
On the average and scatter / M.J. Moroney
Mathematics of a lady tasting tea / Sir Ronald A. Fisher
The vice of gambling and the virtue of insurance / George Bernard Shaw
The group concept / Cassius J. Keyser
Theory of groups / Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington
Mathematics and metaphysicians / Bertrand Russell
Infinity / Hans Hahn
On the nature of mathematical truth / Carl G. Hempel
Geometry and empirical science / Carl G. Hempel
Axiomatic method / Raymond L. Wilder
Goedel's proof / Ernest Nagel and James R. Newman
Mathematical science / Oswald Veblen and John Wesley Young
Mathematics and the world / Douglas Gasking
Mathematical postulates and human understanding / Richard von Mises
The study that knows nothing of observation / James Joseph Sylvester
Essence of mathematics / Charles Sanders Peirce
Economy of Science / Ernst Mach
Measurement / Norman Campbell
Numerical laws / Norman Campbell
The mathematical way of thinking / Hermann Weyl
Mathematical analysis of logic / George Boole
History of symbolic logic / Clarence Irving Lewis and Cooper Harold Langford
Symbolic notation, Haddock's eyes and the dog-walking ordinance / Ernest Nagel
Symbolic logic / Alfred Tarski
Paradise lost and paradise regained / Edward Kasner and James R. Newman
Crisis in intuition / Hans Hahn
How to solve it / G. Polya
New names for old / Edward Kasner and James R. Newman
Mathematics as an art / John William Navin Sullivan
v. 4. A mathematician's apology / G.H. Hardy
Mathematical creation / Henri Poincare
The mathematician / John von Neumann
General and logical theory of automata / John von Neumann
Can a machine think? / A.M. Turing
A chess-playing machine / Claude Shannon
Mathematics in warfare / Frederick William Lanchester
How to hunt a submarine / Phillip M. Morse and George E. Kimball
Mathematics of aesthetics / George David Birkhoff
A mathematical approach to ethics / George David Birkhoff
Cycloid pudding / Jonathan Swift
Young Archimedes / Aldous Huxley
Geometry in the South Pacific / Sylvia Townsend Warner
Inflexible logic / Russell Maloney
The law / Robert M. Coates
Mathematics of music / Sir James Jeans
Meaning of numbers / Oswald Spengler
Locus of mathematical reality: an anthropological footnote / Leslie A. White
Assorted paradoxes / Augustus de Morgan
Flatland / Edwin A. Abbott
What the tortoise says to Achilles and other riddles / Lewis Carroll
The lever of Mahomet / Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins
Pastimes of past and present times / Edward Kasner and James R. Neumann
Arithmetical restorations / W.W. Rouse Ball
The seven seven's / W.E.H. Berwick
Easy mathematics and lawn tennis / T.J. I'A. Bromwich
Mathematics for golfers / Stephen Leacock
Common sense and the universe / Stephen Leacock.
"©1956 by James R. Newman."--verso of title page.
"Composition by Brown Bros. Linotypers, Inc., New York, N.Y. Printed by the Murray Printing Company, Wakefield, Mass. Bound by H. Woolf Book Mfg. Co.,Inc.,New York, N.Y."--verso of title page.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Kislak Center copy gifted by Dr. Mark B. Adams in 2018.
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Adams, Mark B., (former owner) (Adams copy)
Penn Chronology:
Newman, James R. (James Roy), 1907-1966, editor.
Simon and Schuster, Inc., publisher.
Murray Printing Company, printer.
H. Woolf Book Mfg., binder.
Brown Bros. Linotypers, typographer.
Mark B. Adams Emergence of Modern Science Collection (University of Pennsylvania)