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24. A seasonable, legall, and historicall vindication and chronologicall collection of the good, old, fundamentall, liberties, franchises, rights, laws of all English freemen (their best inheritance, birthright, security, against arbitrary, tyrannicall, and Egyptian burdens) and of their strenuous defence in all former ages; of late years most dangerously undermined, and almost totally subverted, under the specious disguise of their defence and future establishment, upon a sure basis, their pretended, greatest propugners. : wherein is irrefragably evinced by Parliamentary records, proofs, presidents, that we have such fundamentall liberties, franchises, rights, laws, that to attempt or effect the subversion of all or any of them, (or of our fundamentall government) by fraud or force, is high treason: the principall of them summed up in 9 propositions: the chief printed treatises asserting them, specified: a chronologicall history of our ancestors zeal, vigilancy, courage, prudence, in gaining, regaining, enlarging, defending, oft confirming, and perpetuating them to posterity, by great charters, statutes, new confirmations, excommunications, speciall conservators, consultations, petitions, declarations, remonstrances, oaths, protestations, vows, leagues, covenants, and likewise by their arms, when necessitated during all the Britons, Saxons, Danes, Normans and English kings reigns, till this present; collected for present and future publick benefit: with a brief touch of their late unparalelled infringements and subversions in every particular: the triall of all malefactors by their peers, and juries, justified, as the onely legal, best, most indifferent; and all other late arbitrary judicatories, erected for their triall, exploded, destructive both to our fundamentall laws and liberties. Collected, recommended to the whole English nation, as the best legacy, he can leave them