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14. Ionian islands. Returns to two addresses of the Honourable the House of Commons, dated 16 March 1852;--for, "copies or extracts of despatches between Sir H. G. Ward, lord high commissioner of the Ionian islands, and Earl Grey, respecting the first meeting of the late legislative assembly of the Ionian islands; the dates of the several meetings of the assembly, the number of days which it sat; list of the laws passed by the assembly, the number of prorogations, and the dates of each prorogation; and also the reasons why the assembly was so frequently and for so long prorogued:" "of the despatches or reports of the changes of the local jurisdiction of the judges in the different islands, and the grounds for this unusual interfering in the administration of justice:" "of the number of senators, the mode of their election, and the period for which elected, stating the salaries they receive, the duties they have to perform, the number and object of the ordinances which they have passed during the prorogation of the late assembly, showing the several offices filled by each senator, and the amount of salaries received by each:" "of the despatches between Sir H. G. Ward and Earl Grey, explanatory of the causes of the suspension of the municipal councils in the Ionian islands, and of the changes in the mode of electing the new councils, stating by what ordinances or authority those changes were made:" "of all laws or ordinances passed by the Senate during the three prorogations of the assembly, which have the force of law until revised by the assembly, and the number of ordinances so revised; distinguishing those ordinances having references to taxation and expenditure, and such as altered the law of elections:" "of the number of persons who were banished in the years 1850, 1851, and 1852, from Cephalonia and Zante; distinguishing each island, and stating their professions and stations in life; stating also their offences, and in what court or tribunal the judicial proceedings took place, together with the dates and terms of each sentence:" "of the number of persons at present in prison, under sentences for political offences, showing whether tried by martial law or by the courts of the country, and also the several terms of imprisonment:" "and, of all laws for altering the finances of the Ionian islands, distinguishing those passed by the legislative assembly and those by the Senate and the Lord High Commissioner." "Copies of any petition, and correspondence relating thereto, addressed to Earl Grey in July 1851, by twenty-three Cephalonians, then and now in prison under sentences of courts martial, some for life, and others for different periods, for offences in Cephalonia in August 1849."