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3. A new system of modern geography, or, A geographical, historical, and commercial grammar : and present state of the several nations of the world : containing I. The figures, motions, and distances of the planets, according to the Newtonian system and the latest observations. II. A general view of the earth, considered as a planet, with several useful geographical definitions and problems. III. The grand divisions of the globe into land and water, continents and islands. IV. The situation and extent of empires, kingdoms, states, provinces, and colonies. V. Their climates, air, soil, vegetables, productions, metals, minerals, natural curiosities, seas, rivers, bays, promontories, and lakes. VI. The birds and beasts peculiar to each country. VII. Observations on the changes that have been any where observed upon the face of nature, since the most early periods of history. VIII. The history and origin of nations; their forms of government, religion, laws, revenues, taxes, naval and military strength. IX. The genius, manners, customs, and habits of the people. X. Their language, learning, arts, sciences, manufactures, and commerce. XI. The chief cities, structures, ruins, and artificial curiosities. XII. The longitude, latitude, bearings, and distances of principal places from Philadelphia : to which are added, I. A geographical index, with the names and places alphabetically arranged. II. A table of the coins of all nations, and their value in dollars and cents. III. A chronological table of remarkable events, from the creation to the present time. IV. The late didcoveries of Herschell, and other astronomers

43. The Koran