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66. Harbour authorities. Return to an order of the Honourable the House of Commons, dated 14 June 1883; -for, return "from the authorities of harbours mentioned in Parliamentary Paper, no. 222, of session 1882: - "1. Giving description of works executed within the last twenty years, distinguishing piers, pocks, dredging, lighting and buoying, other works; and giving, in the case of piers, length, depth of water into which carried, mode of construction; in the case of docks or harbours, area, depth on sill (if any), length of quay space; in the case of dredging, depth additional (if any) over bar or in harbour or channel, with the position and area over which such depth extends; present area and depth of accommodation in harbour for ships and boats, as compared with area and depth twenty years since; if a plan of the harbour or works exists, sending a copy; giving names of engineers employed, stating if any engineers' reports on the harbour works have been made, and by whom, and when. "2. Stating cost of such works, original estimate (if any), and final cost; how raised, viz.: whether (1) out of income; (2) by subscribed capital; (3) by loan; (4) by grant, or partly one of such ways and partly in others; if by loan, stating from whom borrowed, and at what rate of interest, amount still due; if by grant, from whom. "3. Giving present state of the works, including depth of water at low water on the bar or entrance. "4. Stating what are the prevailing and most dangerous winds. "5. Stating use of the works during the last twenty years, as shown in each year: -"(1.) Number, tonnage, and description of vessels using them, giving the largest vessels which have entered at any time of tide, and the largest vessels which have entered at low water; "(2.) Income from tolls, dues, and rates; stating whether the harbour is used principally and solely by vessels belonging to the place, or by vessels from other ports; "6. Giving present scale of rates or charges. "7. Stating, if a fishing harbour, ordinary draft of fishing vessels when loaded; to what distances do they go to fish; whether they can run for the harbour if caught in a gale when fishing, and, if not, why not; what are the facilities for hauling up boats, drying and repairing nets, &c. "8. Stating name and constitution of the trustees, managers, or owners of the harbour or harbour works; if constituted by statutes or provisional order, quoting them."