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448. Savings banks. 1895. Return to an order of the Honourable the House of Commons, dated 16 April 1896;--for, return "from each savings bank in England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Channel Islands, containing, in columns, the names of the officers, their respective salaries, and other allowances, if any; the amount of security each gives; the annual expenses of management, inclusive of all payments and salaries, for the year ended the 20th day of November 1895; the rate per centum per annum on the capital of the bank for the expenses of management; the rate of interest paid to depositors on the various amounts of deposit, and the average rate of interest on all accounts; the number of accounts remaining open; the total amount owing to depositors; the total amount invested with the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt; the balance in the hands of the treasurer at the 20th day of November 1895; the total amount of the separate surplus fund, on the 20th day of November 1895; other assets, including estimated value of bank premises, furniture, &c.; the total assets; the total amount of government stock standing to the credit of depositors; the number and amount of annuities granted; and the average cost of each transaction; also the year in which business commenced in each bank, and the name of the day or days, and the number of hours in the week, on which the banks are open for the deposit and withdrawal of moneys; including in such return a list of all such savings banks as, under the provisions of the act 26 Vict. c. 14, or otherwise, have been closed and have transferred their funds, or any part thereof, to the Post Office savings banks; showing, in each case, the number of such banks, as well as the number and amount of depositors' accounts so transferred, and the amount of compensation, if any, made to all or any of the officers of such banks respectively; and showing also the years in which such banks were respectively opened and closed, and the number and amount of their depositors' balances, and the number of days and hours in each week on which the same banks were open for public business at the close of the year next preceding the date of such closing; distinguishing the same, as in the form of the return, for each separate county, as well as collectively, for England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Channel Islands, and for the United Kingdom (in continuation of Parliamentary Paper, no. 371, of session 1895)."

464. Pilotage. Abstract "of returns relating to pilots and pilotage in the United Kingdom (in continuation of Parliamentary Paper, no. 212, of session 1892)"--[as furnished by the various pilotage authorities]. (Year ended 31st December 1892): -- 1. -- Of all bye-laws, regulations, orders, or ordinances relating to pilots or pilotage for the time being in force, issued by the respective pilotage authorities in the United Kingdom: -- 2.-- Of the names and ages of the pilots or apprentices licensed or authorised to act by the respective pilotage authorities, and of all pilots or apprentices acting either mediately or immediately under such authorities, whether so licensed or authorised or not: -- 3.-- Of the service for which each pilot or apprentice is licensed: -- 4.-- Of the rates of pilotage for the time being in force at the ports under the jurisdiction of the respective pilotage authorities, including therein the rates and descriptions of all charges upon shipping made for or in respect of pilots or pilotage: -- 5.-- Of the total amount received for pilotage at the respective ports aforesaid; distinguishing the several amounts received from British ships and from foreign ships respectively, and the several amounts received in respect of different classes of ships paying different rates of pilotage, according to the scale of such rates for the time being in force, and the several amounts received for the several classes of service rendered by pilots; and also the amount paid by such ships (if any) as have, before reaching the outer limits of pilotage water if outward bound, or their port of destination if inward bound, to take or pay for two or more pilots, whether licensed by the same or by different pilotage authorities; together with the numbers of the ships of each of the several classes paying such several amounts as aforesaid: -- 6.-- Of the receipt and expenditure of all monies (if any) received by or on behalf of the respective pilotage authorities aforesaid, or by or on behalf of any sub-commissioners appointed by them, in respect of pilots or pilotage