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24. Pain's British Palladio: or, The builder's general assistant. : Demonstrating, in the most easy and practical method, all the principal rules of architecture, from the ground plan to the ornamental finish. : Illustrated with several new and useful designs of houses, with their plans, elevations, and sections. Also, clear and ample Instructions, annexed to each subject, in letter-press; with a list of prices for materials and labour, and labour only. This work will be universally useful to all carpenters, bricklavers, masons, joiners, plaisterers, and others, concerned in the several branches of building, &c. comprehending the following subjects, viz. Plans, elevations, and sections, of gentlemen's houses. Designs for doors, chimneys, and ceilings, with their proper embellishments, in the most modern taste. A great variety of mouldings, for base and surbase architraves, imposts, friezes, and cornices, with their proper ornaments, for practice, drawn to half-size: To which are added, scales for enlarging or lessening at pleasure. Also, great variety of stair-cases; shewing the practical method of executing them, in any case required, viz. Groins, angle-brackets, circular circular flewing and winding soffits, domes, sky-lights, &c. all made plain and easy to the meanest capacity. The proportion of windows for the light to rooms. Preparing foundations; the proportion of chimneys to rooms, and sections of flews. The principal timbers properly laid out on each plan, viz. The manner of framing the roofs, and finding the length and backing of hips, either square or bevel. Scantlings of the timbers, figured in proportion to their bearing. The method for trussing girders, scarsing plates, &c. And many other articles, particularly useful to all persons in the building profession.