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19. Young Astley : Royal Grove, Westminster-Bridge. This evening, Young Astley will display His astonishing equestrian exercises, In three parts, on several Horses, among which are his still vaulting. An Exercise never attempted by any Performer whatever; the great Agility, strength, and Dexterity, exhibited in this Exercise, has been the Admiration of the principal Nobility of this and Other-Countries. Exercises on Two Horses, Among which are various curious Attitudes, dancing, ballancing, and flying over the Garter and Stick, at the same Instant jumping at least twelve Feet perpendicular from the Ground, and sixteen Feet horizontally. Extraordinary Exertions on a single Horse, Consisting of a new Hornpipe; a comic Attitude; a Peasant Dance, &c. &c. - The Equestrian Exercises of Young Astley, are peculiar to himself, and his Abilities so well known, that they need no Encomiums; the Minuet danced by two Horses, the Entry of Horses, and the Evolutions by the whole Troop; which will conclude with the Representation of light Troops dispersed, as in real Action, will also be presented every Evening this Week. In the Intervals of the Equestrian Exercises, an Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, called, The Double Jealousy; Or, A Trip to Dover. Singers, Mr. Connell, Mr. Johannot, Mr. Birkitt, Mrs. Nathan, Mrs. Hilliard, and Miss Platel. The Royal and only troop of female Rope-Dancers, in the world, Will perform their surprising Exercises. The Venetian Exercises of Strength, By nine capital performers. Also, a Musical Entertainment, of Singing and Dancing, called, The Poor Cobler. Singers, Mr. Decastro, Mr. Fox, Mr. Carlo, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Nathan, and Mrs. Woodman. The Whole to conclude with a Supurb Entertainment, called, Neptune's Friendship; Or, Harlequin crowned in the Temple of the Sun. The Music, Dances, Dresses, Decorations, &c. entirely new. Doors to be opened at Half past Five, and to begin at Half past Six precisely. Box 3s. - Pit 2s. - Gall. 1s. - Side Gall. 6d. N. B. Entertainments at Astley's will be varied every Week. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Smith, at the amphitheatre Ladies and Gentlemen instructed to ride. .