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53. A catalogue of a capital and truly valuable library of a gentleman : Removed from his late Residence at Twickenham, for Convenience of Sale; Comprising, amongst a Variety of other very Valuable Articles, the following: Histoire Universelle des Anciens Royaumes, a most beautiful Manuscript on vellum, with exquisite Miniatures, Morocco, Unique Doctrinal of Sapyence, printed by Caxton, Mcccclxxiv, extremely rare Dugdale on Imbanking and Draining the Fens, Original Edition Atkyn's History of Glocestershire, large Paper, Russia Harris's History of Kent, Plates by Kip Plot's History of Oxfordshire and Staffordshire, large Paper Antiquities and Topography of Great Britain Leycester's Natural History of Cheshire Lyson's History of the Environs of London, 4 vol. Gunton's Peterborough and other County Histories Oeuvres de Holbein, fine Impressions with additional Drawings, fine Fabian's, and other Chronicles Willis's Mitred Abbies, & Notitia Parliamentaria, 5 vol. blue Morocco Bentley's Lucan, Strawberry Hill, elegant Herbert's Ames, large Paper, Russia Atlas Universel par Robert, coloured Life of Caxton, by Lewis, large Paper Lyf of St. Katharine, St. John the Baptist, St. Jerom, and our Lady by Lydgate, exceeding fair and choice Manuscripts on vellum, elegant in Morocco, and others Very singular Missals on vellum with Miniatures Nature Displayed, Titian's Habits, Mary Toft, &c. And many other rareand fine Articles too tedious to enumerate. Which will be sold by auction by Mr. King, junr. At his Auction Room, No. 36, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, On Monday, July 7, 1800, and Three following Days, at Twelve O'Clock. .

54. A new catalogue of a valuable and choice collection of books : Being the libraries of An eminent judge, The Reverend Mr. Kent, and of Gilbert Dawson Esq; all deceas'd. Consisting of a large Collection of Books, Manuscripts, and State-Tracts, relating to the History, Antiquities, and Constitution of Great-Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Muscovy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Asia, Africa, and America: Together with a compleat Set of Elzevir Classicks bound in 50 vol. in Morocco; the Royal Classicks in Usum Delphini, of the Paris Edition in Quarto; the best Edition of the Classicks cum Notis Variorum; the Louvre Classicks; the Pocket Classicks by Vascosan, Colinaeus, Seb. Gryphius, Stephens, Aldus, and Sedan Editions; The Byzantine Historians, 31 vol. Prynn's Records, 3 vol. Rymer's F dera, 20 vol. Les Oeuvres de Plutarque par Amyot, 13 vol. in Morocco; Montfaucon's Antiquities, 15 vol. large Paper; all the old Chronicles; Sir Wm. Dugdale's Works; and the History of the several Counties in England. Books of Sculpture, Architecture, Medals, Painting, Mathematicks, the Benedictine Editions of the Fathers, Books of Physick, Anatomy, Surgery; a large Collection of Voyages and Natural History; the best Dictionaries and Lexicons, great numbers on large Paper, and several Hundred Volumes curiously bound in Morocco. Also a compleat Set of Common, Civil, and Canon Law. Which will begin to be Sold very Cheap (the lowest Price fixed in each Book) at T. Osborne's Shop in Gray's-Inn, on Monday the 17th Day of May, 1736, and will continue Selling all the Month of May and June. Catalogues to be had at the Place of Sale, and Money for any Library or Parcel of Books. .

62. Bibliotheca splendidissima : or, a catalogue of the valuable libraries of John Owen, Esq; Late Recorder of Windsor; Mr. John Ecton, Late Receiver of the Tenths of the Clergy: and that ingenious architect Capt. Edward Stanton. To which are added, A very fine collection, lately imported from Abroad, chiefly collected by the celebrated Mr. Colbert, first Minister of State to the late King of France: As likewise, by the learned Abbot Bignon, Librarian to the present King of France. The whole consisting of a Large and Numerous collection of books, relating to the History, Antiquities, and Constitution of Great-Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Muscovy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Asia, Africa and America. The Best Editions of the classicks, by Vascosan, Colinaeus, Seb. Gryphius, Stephens, Aldus, Sedan, the Louvre, the Royal Classicks, in usum Delphini, cum Notis variorum, & Elzevir. Curiously bound in Morocco, and several with the Colbert and Bignon Arms on the Sides. Some curious Manuscripts upon Vellum. A compleat Set of the Histories of the several Counties in England. All the old Chronicles. A fine Collection of large and curious Bibles, printed by Field and others, with curious Cuts by Silvester, &c. Sir William Dugdale's Works. All the best and scarcest Dictionaries and Lexicons. A fine Collection of Books of Sculpture, Architecture, Medals, Painting, Mathematicks, the Benedictine Editions of the Fathers, a compleat Set of the Common Law, Civil and Canon; a large Number of Voyages and Natural History; most of the antient and modern Books of Physick, Anatomy, Surgery, &c. Great Numbers on Large Paper, and several Hundred Volumes bound in Morocco. Which will begin to be sold very cheap (the lowest Price fixed in each Book) at T. Osborne's shop in Gray's-Inn, on Monday the 17th day of November 1735. Catalogues may be had at the Place of Sale, and Money for any Library or Parcel of Books.

66. A catalogue for the year 1764 : of the libraries of the Rev. Mr. Wood, of the Isle of Wight; the Rev. and learned Dr. Umfrevile; Peter Davall, Esq; late Accomptant-General; William Bussiere, Esq; Surgeon to King William and Queen Mary, Queen Anne, King George the First and Second, and many others, lately deceased; Containing above One Hundred Thousand Volumes, Of the most Scarce and Valuable Books, Manuscripts, Prints, Books of Prints, &c. In all Languages, Arts and Sciences, viz. The Histories, Antiquities, Laws and Customs of the various Nations of the known World, with the most eminent Voyages and Travels; A Capital Collection of Prints and Books of Prints, by the greatest Masters of the Italian, French and Flemish Schools; A Noble Collection of Antient Manuscripts on Vellum; The Pompous Editions of the Greek and Roman Classics, Lexicons and Critics. A Large Collection of Authors on Antiquity, Medals, Mathematicks, Physic, Surgery and Natural History; The Antient and Modern Authors of the Histories and Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland; Great Numbers of the Fathers and Ecclesiastical Writers; Several Magnificent Bibles in Various Languages; With near a Complete Collection of Common Law. Several of the Books are on large Paper, in Morocco, and other rich Bindings. Which will begin to be sold (the lowest Prices printed in the Catalogue, without any Abatement, for ready Money only) at T. Osborne's, in Gray's Inn, this day, and, for the Conveniency of the Nobility and Gentry who live at a Distance, will continu daily selling to the 1st of January, 1765. Catalogues may be had at all the chief Cities and noted Towns in Europe, and at the Place of Sale; where may be had Money for any Library or Parcel of Books, Prints, Books of Prints and Manuscripts. As the Proprietor has been at great Expence in purchasing these several Libraries, which excels most Collections in the Value and Number of Volumes it contains, he hopes that it deserves a particular Regard from the Learned. - There are likewise to be disposed of, the Manuscript Sermons of the Rev. Mr. Harris of Hornchurch and Rumford, and some other eminent Divines.

67. Edwards's catalogue of a select collection of ancient and modern books : in every branch of science, valuable drawings and prints, painted from the antique; Including the choicest Part of the Libraries of Monsignor Salichetti of Rome, late Physician to the Pope; of Cav. Zanetti of Venice; and an Assortment of the rarest and most esteemed Articles, collected in various Parts of Europe. Zanetti's Orig. Drawings of Ant. Stat. 2 v. Books of finely colour'd Drawings from Herculaneum, the Baths of Titus, and the Vatican, &c. Capital Drawings of Birds by G. di Udino, a scholar of Raphael Lewin's Paintings of English Birds, on vel. Albert Durer's Engravings complete Vernet's Prints, first impressions Piranesi's Works complete, 16 vol. russia Gallerie de Dresde Luxemburg Gallery, first impression Museum Florentinum, 13 vol. russia Museum Clementinum, 3 vol. russia Sir W. Hamilton's Views of Naples, col. Sir W. Hamilton's Etruscan Antiq. col. Antiquities of Herculancum, royal edition Worlidge's Gems, fine impressions Houbraken's Heads, large paper, 1st impr. Hogarth's Works, old impressions, morocco The Old French School of Engravers, 14 v. Tewrdancks, 1517, printed on vel. & illum. Telemaque, grand papier, 1734 Voyages Pittoresq. D'italie, Grece, France, Sicile & Suisse, 21 vol. Superb Manuscripts of the Classics on vel. Alcoran, folio MS. with rich illuminations Decamerone di Boccacio, 1527, pr. on vel. Campbell's Vitruvins Britannicus, 5 vol. Sir W. Dugdale's Works Chronicles by Froissart, Holinshed, &c. Rapin & Tindal, russia Historiae Byzantinae Scriptores, edit. ptima Rymeri Foedera Dc Bry Navigationes in Indias Gesneri Numismata Montfaucon Mon. Francoise, 5 tom. gr. p. - Antiq. & Sup. 15 tom. gr. pa. Lancelot du Lac, Cirongilio di Francia, Primaleon y Polendos, Olivante de Macedonia, Amadis di Gaula, Guerino il Meschino, &c. Edmondson's Baronagium Anglicanum, 6 v Physique Sacre, 8 vol. morocco Winkelman Monumenta Inedita, 2 vol. Ariosto Orlando Furioso, carta mass. Biblia Sacra Mogunt. 1462, pr on vel. with il. Boccacio II Decamerone, ediz. prima Petrarca, 1472 Decor Puellarum, 1461 Psalterium, Gr. & Lat. 1481. edit. primae Juvenal, 1470, edit. princeps Florus, edit. princeps Manilius, 1474, edit. princeps Sallustius, edit. princeps Terentius, edit. princeps C. Nepos, 1471, edit. princeps Hist. Augustae Scriptores, 1475, edit. prin. Plautus, 1472, edit. princeps Rei Rusticae Scriptores, 1472, edit. prin. Solinus, 1473, edit. princeps V. Flaccus, 1474, edit. princeps Celsus, 1478, edit. princeps Astronomi Veteres, edit. princeps Lascaris Grammatica Graeca, 1480 Anthologia Graeca, 1494, edit. princeps Apoll. Rhodius, 1496, edit princeps Caefar a Clark, morocco Lucretius, charta max. 1712 Lactantius, 1468, morocco Doleti Comment. Ling. Lat. 2 vol. Delphin Classics complete Catullus, &c. Vulpii, charta max. 6 vol. Periera Antoniana Margarita Eustatius in Homerum, 4 vol. russ. Marchi Architettura Militare Atlas de D'anville Jacquin's Drawings of American Plants, Hortus Vindobonensis, &c. Buffon's Birds, coloured, 10 vol. Merian's Surinam, coloured Petiver's Works Lister's Shells Sloane's Jamaica Various Bibles, with fine cuts Cook's Voyages complete, first edition Voyages de Chardin, Nieburh, Sonderat, de la Valle, &c. Booke called Caton, Caxton, 1483 Pylgremage of the Soule, Caxton, 1483 Parliamentary Debates complete, 120 vol. Gentleman's Magazine, 66 vol. complete Monthly Review, complete The whole are in fine Condition, and many of them in elegant Bindings. They are now on Sale, 1790, (at the Prices printed in the Catologue, and marked in the First Leaf of every Book) At Edwards's, No. 102, Pall-Mall, London. - The full Value for Libraries. - Books exchanged and Libraries valued. .