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76. A catalogue of books : Including the libraries of the following gentlemen, lately deceased, viz. Francis Hiorne, Esq; F. A. S. of Warwick; The Reverend Thomas Osborne, D. D. Rector of Clifton, Bedfordshire. Henry Brooker. Esq; late Keeper of the Records in the Augmentation Office; Marmaduke Overend, Esq; of Chiswick; The Collection of Books of Architecture of Kenton Couse, Esq; late of the Board of Works; And the Medical Library of a Physician, who has left Practice: Also a singular Assemblage of Old English Poetry and Plays. Amongst others equally valuable are Military and Religious Orders, 800 Drawings, in colours, 8 vol. Morocco Antichita D'ercolano, 8 vol. Russ. Hodges's Views in India, on silk paper Piranesi's Works, 17 vol. Russ. Vitrovius Britannicus, 5 vol. large paper Atlantic Neptune, by Des Barres, 4 vol. Merian's Views, 11 vol. Graevius, Gronovius, & Burmann. 70 vol. Hill's Vegetable System, 26 vol. Seba Thesaur. Rer. Natur. 4 vol. Russ. Catesby's Carolina, 2 vol. coloured Weinman's Flowers and Fruits, 8 vol. do. Merian's Surinam Insects, ditto. Merian's European Insects, 3 vol. coloured by the Author Martyn, Born and Knott's Shells, ditto. Cramer, Ernst, Wilkes and Harris's Moths and Flies, ditto Sepp, Rosell, and Stoll's Insects, ditto Edwards, Lewin, Seligman and Brown's Birds, ditto Scheffer's Birds, Insects, &c. 12 vol. ditto Miller and Plenck's Plants, 4 vol. ditto Knott's Petrifactions, 4 vol. ditto Petiveri Opera, 3 vol. Moracco Morisoni Hist. Plant. 2 vol. ditto Salvianus de Piscibus Cowper, Albinus, Hunter and Smellie Biblia Polyglotta Waltoni, 8 vol. Russ. Biblia Polyglotta, Montani, 8 vol. Kennicol's Bible, and Woide's Test. 3 vol. Erasmi Opera, 11 vol. Lactantius, 1468-T. Aquinas, 1469 V. Max. Spira, 1471-Plinius Jenson, 1472 Herodotus, 1474-Diog. Laertius, 1475 Astronomi Veteres, ap. Aldum Breydenback Peregrinationes - 1486 Caesaris Comment. Clarkii, Morocco Platonis Opera, Serrani, 3 vol. ditto Doleti Comment. Ling. Lat. 2 vol. Russ. Stephani Thesaur. Gr. 6 vol. - Ducange & Carpentier Gloss. 10 vol. Meninski, Golii & Giggaei Lexicon Encyclopedie, 33 tom. - Paris Moutfaucon, & Supplem. 15 t. gr. papier. Fables de la Fontaine, 4 tom. ditto Polyphih Hypnerotomachia - Ald. Speculum Salvationis, MS. Domesday Book, 2 vol. Russia State Trials, 11 vol. large paper, Russ. Froissart and Hollinshed's Chronicles, ib. Drake's York, and Harris's Kent. l. paper Stukeley's Stonehenge and Abury, 2 vol. Edmondson's Peerage, 6 vol. Nisbet's System of Heraldry, 2 vol. Various Heraldical Manuscripts Purchas and Hackluyt's Voyages Montfaucon in English, 7 vol. large paper Shakspeare, 1st, 2d and 3d edit. Caxton's History of Troy Boke of Faytes and Armes, Caxton The Book of St. Albons, MS. Spectator, Tatler and Guardian, 6 vol. orig. edit. Prevost, Recueil des Voyages, 26 tom. Harding's Bandello, 3 vol. large paper Tacitus, Brotier, 4 vol. cb. max. Aristides, a Jebb, 2 vol. ditto Silius Italicus, Drakenborch, ditto Ovidius Burmanni, 4 vol. ditto Horatius Bentleii, ditto Elziver Classics, 93-vol. Morocco Painter's Palace of Pleasure, 2 vol. Political State of Great Britain, 60 vol. Parliamentary Debates, &c. 136 vol. which are now selling, 1791 (for ready Money) By Thomas and John Egerton, (successors to Mr. Millan) at the Military Library, Whitehall. - The full Value given for Libraries.

77. A catalogue of the libraries of that learned antiquarian Nathaniel Boothe, Esq; and others, purchased since the harleian collection : Containing above twenty-thousand volumes, relating to the history and antiquities of all nations; amongst which are, the journals of the House of Lords, 105 vols. in manuscript. The votes of the House of Commons, 48 vols. The London, Gazette, 40 vols. The counties of England, 30 vols. Sir William Dugdale's works, 14 vols. Prynne's records and writs, large paper. The Greek and Roman historians, poets, and orators, of the most pompous editions; partcularly the louvre classicks; on royal paper, in Morocco. A set of the royal calssicks, in usum delphini, in 60 vols. in Morocco. The elzevir, and other fine editions of the classicks, in Moracco. A grand collection fo ancient missals, decretals, breviaries, natural historians, &c. all printed on vellum; illuminated with beautiful limnings; amongst the rest are Aristotle;s and Plato's works. The garden of health, 2 vols. with above a 1000 prints of birds, beasts, plants, &c. beautifully painted in their natural colours, and embellished with gold. The history of the kinights of the round-table, 2 vols, with near a hundred large prints, finely coloured. The sea of histoires, 2 vols. with 430 beautiful cuts, painted int hte most exquisite manner, The four ages of the world, with above two-hundred cuts, beautifully adorned with gold, and other colours. A Roman missal, with above a hundred cuts, illuminated to the greatest perfection; representing the life Our Saviour and his apostles, with several other fine missals and breviaries, beautifully painted, and ornamented with gold. The golden legend, with 178 prints, painted in lively colours, and raised with gold. The book of sports: or, The manner of hunting, &c. in Ms. with 65 large drwings, neatly illuminated. A very ancient Roman missal, in Ms. with beautiful paintings in every page. The Louvre councils, in 37 vols. in Morocco; and a large number of fine Bibles by field, and other eminent printers, with curious cuts richly adorned, several of them being presentation books to the crowned heads of England; particularly Q. Elizabeth, K. Charles II. and Q. Anne books of physick, surgery, anatomy, and natural history, with many of the ancient physicians. Aldrovandus's works compleat; in 13 vols. civil, canon, and common law books. Troctatus Tractatuum, 28 vols &c. Books of medals, inscriptions, mathematicks, and other arts and sciences. To which is added, a fine collection of Italian, Flemish, and French prints, by the greatest masters, and a choice parcel of original manuscripts. On account of the largeneess of this collection, there is a longer time than usual given for the sale, that gentleman, who live at a distance, may have time to peruse the catalogue, to see the particular books they have occasion for; which they may do every day (the books being in order) till the day of sale, which will be on monday, the 12th day of January, for ready money (only) the prices being marked cheaper than usual, in the first leaf of each book, at T. Obsorne's in Gray's-Inn, and will continue selling all the summer season. where may he had money for any library or parcel of books. N.B. In the month of February will be sold the largest and best chosen collection of pamphlets and single tracts, both ancient and modern, ever seen together, containing above three-hundred thousand, collected by the late Earl of Oxford, and never yet exposed to sale; which, by reason of their number, being too expensive to print a catalogue, will be ranged under the several heads mentioned at the end of this catalogue.

91. A catalogue of books, for 1793; containing several valuable collections, lately purchased. And a great Number of Curious and Rare Books, Some very Capital Books of Prints, Hindoo and other high finished Drawings, fine Prints, Manuscripts, Atlasses, Surveys of Counties, &c. purchased out of the principal Libraries, sold in 1792. Amongst which are the following: Boydel's and Nicol's Shakespeare, early impres. The Houghton Collection of Prints, ditto Fifty-Three Hindoo, or India Paintings Le Brun's Collection of Prints, fine impres. Weirotter's Works Dessins des Jean Prestel Boyer's D'aguilles Gallery Habits of the Levant, beautifully coloured Hamilton's Etruscan Antiquities, 2 vols. Antiquarian Prints, 2 vols. Hodge's Large Views in India, 12 numbers, very fine impressions Metz's beautiful Imitations of Antient and Modern Drawings, 90 Prints Crispin de Pas's Drawing Book Bavaria Sancta, 4 vols. rare Travels through the Rhaetian Alps, with picturesque views Ostade's Etchings, very fine A fine Collection of Scarce Prints, by Hollar, Della Bella, Callot, L. Clerc, Mark Antony, Goltzius, and other old engravers, in port folio, with leaves, and very eleg. bound in morocco A Port folio, with scarce English Portraits, by Smith, Vandyck, Becket, Cooper, &c. Archaeologia by the Society of Antiquarians, 9 vols. 4 to. Tempest's Cries of London, old impressions A Large Collection of Books of Emblems, curious and rare Surveys of Counties, Chapman's, Dury and Andrews, Rocque's, Jeffery's, Armstrong's, &c. of Nottinghamshire, Kent, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Dorsetshire, Durham, Oxford, &c. &c. Rennell's large Bengal Atlas Merian's Surinam Insects, original edition, beautifully coloured Catesby's Carolina, 2 vols. ditto Lewin's Birds, 5 vols. all drawings on vellum paper, and beautifully coloured Hill's Herbal, the largest paper, coloured Vandermeuiin's Large and Capital Prints of the Battles of Lewis XIV. Pennant's London, first edit. l. p. interleaved in 4 vols. with a great number of additional Prints and Drawings Sleazer's Theatrum Scotiae, fine impression Carter's Antiquities, 25 numbers Sandrart's Academia Ars Pictoria Lavater's Physiognomy, 25 numbers, first impressions Hearne and Byrne's Antiquities Delices de la Grande Bretagne Description des Arts et Metiers, 9 vols. Bleau's Atlas, 11 vols. illuminated Chambers's Encyclopedia, by Rees, 4 vols. in Russia Ashmole's Order of the Garter Dugdale's Antiquities of Warwickshire, 1656 - Summons to Parliament, original edit. bound in russia - Monasticon Anglicanum, Latin, 2 vols. 1682, &c. Grafton's Chronicle, b. l. 1568 Dart's Antiquities of Westminster and Canterbury, 3 vols. Bruce, Cook, Hawkesworth, Phillips, White, Parkinson, Phipps, &c. Voyages Worsley's Hist. of the Isle of Wight Vicar's Parliamentary Chronicle, 4 parts, compleat England's Worthies, from 1642, to 1647, with fine portraits, by Hollar, &c. very rare Some Curious and Valuable Manuscripts, and printed Missals on vellum And many other equally Scarce and Valuable. The books in general are in very good Condition, many in elegant Bindings, and are now on sale exceeding Cheap, (for Ready Mony only), and will continue on Sale by Henry Chapman, Bookseller, No. 65, Chandois Street, Covent Garden. Catalogues (price 6d, allowed to Purchasers), may be had of the following Booksellers, Mr. Collins, Exchange Alley, Cornhill, Mr. J. Walker, Paternoster-Row, Mr. Stockdale, Piccadilly, and at the Place of Sale

92. A catalogue of part of the library of the Lord Londonderry : And of the Revd. and Learned Mr. Henry Bennet, Chaplain to the Lord Lovel: Both lately deceas'd. Containing a Curious and Useful Collection of books in all Parts of Learning, and almost all Languages. To which are added several hundred of scarce old Pamphlets; being the Remains of the Library of the Ingenious James Fraser, J. U. D. Likewise a Curious Parcel of Physical Books. Among which are the following. Folio. Eustathius's Homer, 4 vol. Ed. opt. Hickesii Thesaurus, 2 vol. Scriptores decem Matt. Paris. - Camdeni Anglia Normanica. - Sparke's Hist. Ang. &c. - Hist. England. Barnes's Euripides. Etymologicon Magn. Graecum, finely bound in Morocco, gilt Leaves. Harduin's Pliny, 3 vol. S. Chrysostomi Opera, 8 vol. Walton's Polyglot Bible, 6 vol. Coccei Opera, 10 vol. Johnson's Nat. Hist. fine Cuts. Bracton de Legibus. Foesii Hippocrates. Basket's Large Bible and Common-Prayer, large paper, both rul'd and finely bound in Blue Turkey, gilt Leaves. Wilkins's Real Character, large paper. Hammond's Works, 4 vol. Hakluyt's Voyages, 2 vol. Virgilii Opera, with Ogilby's fine Cuts. Atlas Maritimus & Comm. Speed's Chronicles, large paper. Dugdale's Monasticon, 3 vol. Several good Law Books. Quarto. Barnes's Homer, 2 vol. Pitisci Suetonius, 2 vol. Cumberland de Legibus. Alpini Opera, 3 vol. Pindari Opera, Gr. Edit. prima. Pliny, in Usum Delph. 5 vol. finely bound, and gilt on the Leaves. Hicks's Saxon Grammar. Hyde's Relig. Vet. Persarum. Ludwig's Engl. Germ. & Fr. Dict. 2 vol. Rowland's Antiq of the Isle of Anglesea. Octavo. Lucian, 2 Vol. - Quintilian, 2 vol. - And several, var. Manuscripts. With about 2000 more Articles. Which will begin to be sold very Cheap, on Monday the 27th of this Instant, March, and continue daily till all are sold, by Olive Payne, Bookseller, in Round-Court in the Strand, against York-Buildings. Catalogues to be had gratis at the Place of Sale; and the full Value for any Library or Parcel of Books, in any Language or Faculty. N. B The Books are mostly finely bound, gilt, &c.