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12. The expeditious instructor : or, reading, writing and arithmetick made plain and easy. (containing much more in Quantity, and a far greater Variety of Instructions, than any Book of the Kind or Price; and expressed in so easy and familiar a Manner, that Persons of the lowest Capacity may learn, without a Master.) Among many other useful Particulars, are contain'd I. A succinct English Grammar. II. Of Words that are nearly alike in Sound, but are different in Sense and Spelling. III. The Names of the Gods and Goddesses of the Heathens; and of the Muses, Graces, &c. IV. A very particular Account of Stops and Marks: With Directions for their Use, in a Manner entirely New. V. Directions for placing the Accent and Emphasis. VI. Directions for chusing and hardening Quills; for making and mending Pens; and for making and preserving Inks. Vii. Directions for making an Ink for marking Linnen, which will never wash out. Viii. Directions for Writing; by which a Person, though entirely ignorant of that Art, may write a good Hand in twenty-four Hours, without the Assistance of a Master. IX. Directions for those who would write elegantly. X. Directions for Figure-Hand, &c. and a new and easy Short-Hand. XI. A very particular Explanation of Abbreviations in Writing. XII. How to superscribe and begin Letters to Persons to Distinction. XIII. How to make several Sorts of Sealing-Wax and Wafers; and how to take the Impression of any Leaf, for Needle-Work, or Colouring. XIV. Forms of Receipts and Notes, for transacting of Business. XV. Of Arithmetick; and an easy Method of learning it. XVI. Directions to Painters, Stone-Cutters, &c. for painting or cutting Words and Sentences; and how they should spell, and place them with Propriety. XVII. A Collection of Epitaphs, for the Use of Stone-Cutters, &c. Illustrated with a variety of alphabets and copies, in various hands, on copper plates; with Ornaments for the Tops and Bottoms of Pages. Engrav'd from the Writings and Designs of the most Eminent School Masters. The whole is calculated for the use of painters, engravers, stone-cutters, and all Others that would learn expeditiously to Read, Write or cast Accompts. .