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25. The British legacy : or, fountain of knowledge. Containing, (among upwards of two hundred other curious particulars, of the utmost service to families in general) the horse defected: Being the most accurate and satisfactory Account of the Diseases incident to that noble Beast, ever yet publish'd; with their Signs, Symptoms, Prognosticks and Cures in all Cases; a certain Cure for the Glanders, without Trepanning; a never-failing Cure for the Grease; and another for Broken-Winded Horses: Wrote by Way of Dialogue between a Horse-Doctor and a Groom, by James Macdonald, M. D. The best Manner of Breaking a Colt; of ordering a Horse of Pleasure; and ample Directions for the Management of a Race-Horse. Certain Method of preventing Chimneys from Smoaking, let their Form or Situation be what they will; with a Print, the better to enable those concerned in Building to prevent these great Inconveniencies for the future. The valuable Fire-Ball; by the Use of which, Families may make four or five Bushels of Coals go as far as forty. An excellent Way to bring Singing-Birds to a very great Perfection, by that famous German Lewis de Burgh. Extraordinary Method of Breeding Game-Cocks; the Manner of Dieting and Ordering them for Battle; sure Way of Matching them: With a choice and valuable Secret for Feeding a Cock four Days before fighting, communicated by a noble Lord; by which very extraordinary Way of Feeding upwards of Ninety Battles have been won out of a Hundred. Indian Way of marking on Silk, Linnen, Woollen, &c. Curious Method of Casting Urine, and how Disorders are known by it. The Art of Curling, Dressing, and Colouring Hair. Sir Hans Sloane's valuable Cure for Disorders of the Eyes. Certain Method of preventing the Teeth from being uneven, or bad, by Sig. Curzoni, Operator of the Teeth and Gums. Mons. Rouille's Lip-Salve. The Tea-Tree, and Manner of growing it in England. Instructions for mounting Fans. Manner of making Elixir of Life, Friar's Balsam, &c. With the gardener's legacy; containing all the Instructions necessary for the Cultivation of the Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen-Garden. By Edward Knight. Illustrated with several Prints, many of which are in the Chinese Taste. .