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13. Catalogue of books, prints, and books of prints; being the collection of a gentleman of distinguished taste, which will begin to be sold by auction, on Monday the 29th of April, 1799, by James Vallance, at his Sale Room, No. 6, Eustance-Street : Among which are the following: Hume's history of England, Bower's superb edition, 37 nos. with first impressions of the plates. Grose's England and Wales, 8 vol. - English armory, 2 vol. - Ancient armory with plates, fine impressions, bound uniform. Ireland's medway-Thames and Avon, proof impressions. Memoirs of Count Gramont, with 70 plates, fine impressions. Dives and pauper, printed by Pinson, 1493, bound in Morocco. Walton's polyglott and castelli's lexicon, 8 vol. a fine copy, bound in Russia. Hesychi lexicon, editio princeps, aldum 1514, bound in Morocco. Josephi opera, editio princeps, bas. 1544, bound in Russia. Gouvernment des Princes, a MSS. on vellum, with illuminations, written in 1285. Avantures de telemaque, large paper, with Picart's plates, bound in Morocco, gilt leaves, &c. Montsaucon's antiquities explained, with the supplement, 15 vol. in 6, fine impressions of the plates, bound in Russia. Hamilton's estruscan, Greek and Roman antiquities, with 130 plates, bound in Morocco. Views of ruins, &c. Rome and its vicinity, in 1791, on 30 plates, very fine. Hodges's views in India, imper. folio, with 50 plates, finely executed. Gardiner's views on the rhine, with 40 plates, very fine. Murphy's views of Batalha, fine impressions. Versailles gallery, by Le Brun and Le Soeur. Bartolozzi's etchings, 2 vol. with 152 plates, capital. Amours of cupid and psycho, printed by Didot, with plantes, coloured. Nash's Hudibras, 2 vol. superbly bound. Lewin's British birds and butterflies, 4 vol. plates, coloured. Woodville's medical botany, 3 vol. with plates, coloured. Sowerby's fungi, 9 nos. plates, coloured. Kew plants, 20 nos. plates, finely colured. Coromandel plants, plates very fine. Rousseau's botany, 2 vol. with plates, coloured. Gilpin's works, on the picturesque, 10 vol. compleat, with plates, fine impressions. Botanical magazine, by Curtis, 10 vol. with plates, coloured. Naturalist's magazine, 7 vol. plates, coloured. Donovan's British birds, 3 vol. plates, coloured. Stockdale's editions of Thomson's seasons,-Robinson Crusoe, 2 vol.-s̆op's fables, 2 vol. and gay's fables, with fine plates, elegantly bound. Lavater's essays on physiognomy, 3 vol. with plates, elegant. A fine collection of the most correct and valuable editions of the classic authors, among which are those published by Barbou-Elzevir-Mattaire-Wakefield-Heyne-Hawkey-Baskerville Brindley, &c &c. The British classics, published by parsons and cook, &c. A very curious and elegant collection of English and Scotch poetry. Johnson's edition of the poets, with their lives, 75 vol. elegantly bound. - and Stevens's Shakespear, 15 vol. best edition, elegan. Dodsley's old plays, 12 vol. elegant. Minor Theatre, 7 vol. with plates, bound in blue Morocco. With a number of others equally valuable, and the whole in very elegant bindings. The sheet prints consist of a selection, after the pictures of the first Italian, French, Flemish and English masters. Gentlemen who cannot attend the sale, may have their commissions executed by James Vallance.-Hours of sale from 12 o'clock until 4 each day.