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23. A complete atlas, or distinct view of the known world : exhibited in sixty-eight maps: viz. Chart of the World. The World in two Hemispheres. Europe. Great Brit. and Ireland. England and Wales. Scotland. Ireland. France. Spain. Portugal. Netherlands, or Low Countries. United - Provinces, or Holland. Germany in Circles. South-West Part of Germany. South-East Part of Germany. North-East Part of Germany. North-West Part of Germany. Switzerland. Savoy and Piedmont. Italy. Northern Parts of Italy. Naples and Sicily. Scandinavia. Denmark. Sweden. Moscovy. Poland and Lithuania. Hungary and Transilvania. Turkey in Europe. Islands in the Archipelago. Asia. Turkey in Asia. Anatolia, with Syria. Asia Minor. The Holy Land. The Caspian Sea. Persia. The Russian Empire. China. Japon. Mogul Empire. East India Islands. Africa. Nubia and Abissinia. Barbary. Negroland and Upper Guinea. Southern Parts of Africa. African Islands. America. Brazil. Paraguay, with the River Plata. Chili, Terra Magellanica, and Terra del Fuego. Peru and Amazons. Terra Firma. West Indies. Mexico, or New Spain, with California. Luisiana, Florida, and Canada. Carolina. Virginia and Maryland. Pensilvania, New Jersey, New York, and New England. Newfoundland, Newscotland, and Cape Briton. Bermudas and St. Christopher. Cuba and Hispaniola. Jamaica. North Pole. Towns and Harbours. Barbadoes. Antigua. Greenland. In which the latitude and longitude of the Principal Places in different Countries are laid down, according to the Latest Discoveries. By Emanuel Bowen, Geographer to his Majesty. .