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4. A catalogue of a capital and truly valuable library of a gentleman : Removed from his late Residence at Twickenham, for Convenience of Sale; Comprising, amongst a Variety of other very Valuable Articles, the following: Histoire Universelle des Anciens Royaumes, a most beautiful Manuscript on vellum, with exquisite Miniatures, Morocco, Unique Doctrinal of Sapyence, printed by Caxton, Mcccclxxiv, extremely rare Dugdale on Imbanking and Draining the Fens, Original Edition Atkyn's History of Glocestershire, large Paper, Russia Harris's History of Kent, Plates by Kip Plot's History of Oxfordshire and Staffordshire, large Paper Antiquities and Topography of Great Britain Leycester's Natural History of Cheshire Lyson's History of the Environs of London, 4 vol. Gunton's Peterborough and other County Histories Oeuvres de Holbein, fine Impressions with additional Drawings, fine Fabian's, and other Chronicles Willis's Mitred Abbies, & Notitia Parliamentaria, 5 vol. blue Morocco Bentley's Lucan, Strawberry Hill, elegant Herbert's Ames, large Paper, Russia Atlas Universel par Robert, coloured Life of Caxton, by Lewis, large Paper Lyf of St. Katharine, St. John the Baptist, St. Jerom, and our Lady by Lydgate, exceeding fair and choice Manuscripts on vellum, elegant in Morocco, and others Very singular Missals on vellum with Miniatures Nature Displayed, Titian's Habits, Mary Toft, &c. And many other rareand fine Articles too tedious to enumerate. Which will be sold by auction by Mr. King, junr. At his Auction Room, No. 36, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, On Monday, July 7, 1800, and Three following Days, at Twelve O'Clock. .

9. A catalogue of part of the library of the Lord Londonderry : And of the Revd. and Learned Mr. Henry Bennet, Chaplain to the Lord Lovel: Both lately deceas'd. Containing a Curious and Useful Collection of books in all Parts of Learning, and almost all Languages. To which are added several hundred of scarce old Pamphlets; being the Remains of the Library of the Ingenious James Fraser, J. U. D. Likewise a Curious Parcel of Physical Books. Among which are the following. Folio. Eustathius's Homer, 4 vol. Ed. opt. Hickesii Thesaurus, 2 vol. Scriptores decem Matt. Paris. - Camdeni Anglia Normanica. - Sparke's Hist. Ang. &c. - Hist. England. Barnes's Euripides. Etymologicon Magn. Graecum, finely bound in Morocco, gilt Leaves. Harduin's Pliny, 3 vol. S. Chrysostomi Opera, 8 vol. Walton's Polyglot Bible, 6 vol. Coccei Opera, 10 vol. Johnson's Nat. Hist. fine Cuts. Bracton de Legibus. Foesii Hippocrates. Basket's Large Bible and Common-Prayer, large paper, both rul'd and finely bound in Blue Turkey, gilt Leaves. Wilkins's Real Character, large paper. Hammond's Works, 4 vol. Hakluyt's Voyages, 2 vol. Virgilii Opera, with Ogilby's fine Cuts. Atlas Maritimus & Comm. Speed's Chronicles, large paper. Dugdale's Monasticon, 3 vol. Several good Law Books. Quarto. Barnes's Homer, 2 vol. Pitisci Suetonius, 2 vol. Cumberland de Legibus. Alpini Opera, 3 vol. Pindari Opera, Gr. Edit. prima. Pliny, in Usum Delph. 5 vol. finely bound, and gilt on the Leaves. Hicks's Saxon Grammar. Hyde's Relig. Vet. Persarum. Ludwig's Engl. Germ. & Fr. Dict. 2 vol. Rowland's Antiq of the Isle of Anglesea. Octavo. Lucian, 2 Vol. - Quintilian, 2 vol. - And several, var. Manuscripts. With about 2000 more Articles. Which will begin to be sold very Cheap, on Monday the 27th of this Instant, March, and continue daily till all are sold, by Olive Payne, Bookseller, in Round-Court in the Strand, against York-Buildings. Catalogues to be had gratis at the Place of Sale; and the full Value for any Library or Parcel of Books, in any Language or Faculty. N. B The Books are mostly finely bound, gilt, &c.