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14. A catalogue of a neat collection of books : In Greek, Latin, English, French, Italian, and Spanish, Chiefly in very good Condition, and many of them in Russia, Morocco, and other elegant Bindings. Among which are Folio. Wood's Conveyancing, 3 vol. Cumyns's Digest, 5 vol. Lord Raymond's Reports, 2 vol. Hale's Pleas of the Crown, 2 vol. Coke an Littleton, best Ventries, best Vernon, 2 vol. Strange, 2 vol. Rapin, 5 vol. Heads and Maps Biograph. Brit. 7 vol. Biograph. Brit. 7 vol. l. p. Russia. Camden's Britannica, 2 vol. - 1722 Dugdale's St. Pauls, largest paper. Drake's York. Bp. Nicholson's Hist. Library 1736 Harris's Voyages, 2 vol. Pocock's Travels, 2 vol. Russia. Churchill's Voyages, 6 vol. Diction. de Bayle, avec. le Sup. 8 t. Chambers's Dictionary, 2 vol Postlethwaite's Dictionary, 2 vol. Duncan's Caesar. Hill's Fossils, large paper, cuts colour'd. Locke's Works, 3 vol. Russia. Ship of Fools, black letter. Baskett's Bible, 2 vol. Religious Ceremonies, 6 vol. l. p. Stackhouse's Bible, 2 vol. A.Bp. Tillotson's Works, 3 v. best. Patrick, Lowth, and Whitbey, 6 v. Clarke's Works, 4. vol. Russia. Barrow's Works, 2 vol. best. Caesaris Comment. Clarke. Thucydides Duckeri. Hoffmanni Opera Omnia, 6 vol. Quarto. Camb. Classics, 4 vol. Ciceronis Opera Oliveti, Par. 1740 Zenophon Hutchinsoni, 2 vol. Tacitus Gronovii, 2 vol. Suetonius Pitici, 2 vol. Virgil Masvicii, 2 vol. Juvenal, Virgil, Terence, &c. Delp. Harlian Miscellany. 8 vol. Russia. Sully, 3 vol. Hook, 3 vol. Russia. Bp. Newton's Milton, 3 vol. Mor. Jarvis's Don Quixote, 2 vol. Mor. Carter's Epictetus, Morocco. Doddridge, 6 vol. Oeuvres de Moliere, 6 tom. 1734 Don Quixote, 4 tom. Octavo. Ancient and Modern Hist. 64 vol. Parliament. History, 24 vol. Hooke's Roman Hist. 9 vol. Tillotson, Atterbury, Sherlock, Reading, Seed, Sharp, Sermons. Livius, Polybius, Ovidius. Catull, &c. Statius, Plautus. Terentius. &c. &c. Not. Var. Which will begin Selling (for Ready Monly only) on Monday the 21st. of March 1768; and continue on Sale 'till all are Sold, By Joseph White, Bookseller, At the Corner of Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, London; who gives the full Value for any Library or Parcel of Books. .

15. A catalogue of the valuable libraries of the late Chester Moor Hall : Of Sutton-Hall, in Essex, Esq; The Rev. Mr. Thomas Clarke, Rector of Kirkby-Heaton, and Master of the School at Wakefield, in Yorkshire. And of Several other curious Parcels of Books lately purchased, particularly a large Collection of the best Law Books; Among them are the following: Sebae Thes. Rerum Naturalium, 4 vol. Gualtieri Index Conchyliorum Regenfuss's Book of Shells, coloured Flora Danica, IX Fasciculi, coloured Works of Nat. Hist. by the Nuremberg Artists, 38 vol. coloured Hill's Vegetable System, 18 vol. British Zoology, 132 plates, coloured Catesby's Carolina, 2 vol. cuts, coloured Miller's 300 Plates of Plants, 2 v. coloured Wilkes's Moths and Butterflies, coloured Albin's Birds and Insects, 4 vol. coloured Edwards's Birds and Gleanings, 7 v. coloured Hortus Elthamensis, Dillenii, 2 vol. ... Andersoni Diplomata Scotiae Rossi, Statue Antichi e Moderni Antichita D'ercolano, 6 vol. Smith's Metzotintos, 3 large vol. Opere di Piranesi, 8 vol. Musaeum Florentinum, 4 vol. 1st impress. Le Roy, Ruines de la Grece, 2 tom. Adam's Ruins of Dioclesian's Palace Major's B. of Prints, and his Poestum, 2 v. Montfaucon, Antiq. 15 tom. gr. pap. Inigo Jones's Designs, by Kent Chambers's Archit. Chinese Build. and Kew Atlas de M. Robert, Gr. & petit pap. Atlas, par de Lisle, Paris & Amst. edits. Blair's Chronol. Tables and Maps, L. P. Habits du Levant, colorees Graevii & Gronovii Thes. Antiq. Graec. Rom. & Ital. 69 vol. vellom Platonis Opera, Serrani, 3 vol. ... Suidae Lexicon, Kusteri, 3 vol. cb. max. Medicae Artis Principes, 2 vol. cor. Russ. Martiniere, Diction. Geograph. 10 tom. Calmet, Dict. de la Bible, 4 tom. Paris Ancient and Mod. Hist. 24. vol. elegant Montfaucon's Antiq. and Sup. 6 vol. ... Bp. Stillingfleet's Works, 6 vol. Baskerville's Bible, Morocco Churchill's Voyages and Contin. 8 vol. The lowest Prices are marked in the Catalogue, and in the first Leaf of each Book; and the Sale begins in February, 1772. By Benjamin White, At Horace's Head, in Fleet-Street, London. .

17. Morocco