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Bib# 1580670
001 1580670
005 20120629110218.0
008 950125s1587 pau 000 0 fre d
035 __|a  (OCoLC)ocn155963700
040 __|a  PU |e  amremm |c  PAULM |d  PAULM
035 __|a  (OCoLC)155963700
035 __|a  (CStRLIN)PAUR95-A13
041 __|a  fre |a  lat |a  eng
079 __|a  ocn122479991
099 _9|a  Ms. Codex 234
049 __|a  PAUM
130 0_|a  Laws, etc. (Magna Charta cum statutis tum antiquis tum recentibus).
245 00|a  Magna Charta cum statutis tum antiquis tum recentibus, maximopere animo tenendis, nunc demum ad vnum, tipis aedita per Richardum Tottill |h  [manuscript].
260 __|a  Imprinted at London ... : |b  By Richarde Tottell, |c  1587.
300 __|a  519 leaves : |b  paper ; |c  19 cm.
500 __|a  Ms. codex.
520 __|a  Printed text of the Magna Charta, etc., interleaved with manuscript notes attributed to William Ellis.
546 __|a  Printed text in Latin, French and English; notes in French.
500 __|a  Title from t.p. of printed text (recto of first leaf of printed text).
500 __|a  Publication information taken from colophon (f. [251]r of printed text). Printed text dated 1587 (t.p. and colophon).
500 __|a  Manuscript note on recto of first manuscript leaf: "This Book is Enterleaved with the Notes of Sr. Wm. Ellis, who was made a judge in the Co. Pleas in Aprill 1679 and who was Supersseeded in 1687." There is also a manuscript notation by a later owner, dated 1725, on the t.p. of the printed text.
500 __|a  Notes written in a small cursive hand. In addition to the interleaved notes, the printed text is covered with marginal notes in the same hand or hands.
500 __|a  Printed text is 8vo (15 cm.). Manuscript leaves are 17 cm.
500 __|a  No overall pagination or foliation. Printed text foliated in upper right corner of each recto: [i-viii] (unnumbered), [1], 2-250, [251-252]. No pagination or foliation of the manuscript text.
500 __|a  Modern parchment binding.
500 __|a  Many leaves brittle; fraying and splitting at the edges. The first manuscript leaf is torn and is missing a piece. Text written out to the edges of the manuscript leaves, leaving little or no margin; this appears to have caused some slight loss of text due to fraying of the edges. Some stains and smudges; some oxidation of ink.
561 1_|a  Provenance: Thomas Phillipps (note inside front flyleaf: Phillipps Ms. 17231); Robert Dechert (given to him by his mother-in-law, Mrs. Helen Godey Wilson, as a Christmas present: dedicatory poem from her to Dechert was laid into the item and now is on file in the Library, together with a clipping from a dealer's catalog and some notes by Dechert dated 1972).
561 1_|a  Gift of Robert Dechert, ca. 1972.
524 __|a  UPenn Ms. Codex 234
650 _0|a  Statutes and codes |z  England.
655 _7|a  Codices. |2  aat
655 _7|a  Notes. |2  aat
655 _0|a  Manuscripts, English |y  16th century.
655 _0|a  Manuscripts, Renaissance.
700 1_|a  Ellis, William.
700 1_|a  Phillipps, Thomas, |c  Sir, |d  1792-1872, |e  former owner.
740 0_|a  Magna Charta.
852 __|b  Rare Book & Manuscript Library |a  University of Pennsylvania |e  3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206. |j  Ms. Codex 234
994 __|a  C0 |b  PAULM