Franklin: Catalog & Articles+  searches both Franklin: Catalog and Franklin: Articles+. This discovery tool provides access to many full-text resources (journal articles, newspapers, ebooks, and more).

Your search results will be displayed in two columns, with Catalog entries on the left and Articles+ results on the right.

To filter results, click "View and filter" at the top of the Catalog or Articles+ results column. You will be presented with a number of "limits" that will allow you to refine your search within each section of Franklin: Discovery.

To search

  • Enter keywords
  • For a phrase, enter words in quotes " "
  • use * asterisk to truncate one or more characters at the end of a word

For a known citation


Franklin: Catalog  contains records for many types of materials including books, ebooks, journal and newspaper titles, manuscripts, conference proceedings, musical scores, and more.

Franklin: Catalog does not provide access to individual articles.

To find articles

To search

  • Type your search into the text box. You may use the dropdown menu to search in "Title," "Author," etc.
  • Or choose the Advanced Search option.

More catalogs, including

Franklin: Articles+  is a discovery tool that allows you to search most of the Penn Libraries' full-text holdings (journal articles, magazines, newspapers, ebooks). It's a great place to get started.

To begin, type your search directly into the text box. Use the checkbox options to limit the results that display.

For additional information about searching Articles+ See the Guide, Franklin: Articles+

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